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Unprecedented Way Of Managing Mobile Inventory

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MobiVisits company description

MobiVisits is a mobile advertising platform designed to interact with DSP and SSP for real-time bidding.

MobiVisits' RTB algorithms are well-optimized by years of hands-on experience. The team has built and developed them with performance marketing in mind, and it accurately selects the best potential impressions to bid at the right time and user.

The platform's Demand Side Platform (DSP) has unmatched targeting options and easy to configure audiences to manage and launch campaigns with ease. It accesses the Big Data storage, where the data has been analysed and segmented by machine learning technology into millions of data points, resulting data-driven decisions.

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Mobile Advertising, Mobile DSP, Mobile Ad Networks
HQ 1407, Oak St CA 94117 San Francisco United States
United Arab Emirates GF, Gold & Diamond Jewelry Park Dubai United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong 20 Luard Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong Hong Kong
India 104, Vasant Vihar Indore India