Why SEO is the king of mobile marketing

Why SEO is the king of mobile marketing

More people access the internet with mobile devices than with computers. That fact alone alludes to the importance of mobile marketing. For this reason, SEO continues to play a prominent role in digital marketing. Below, you’ll find out exactly why SEO is the king of mobile marketing and how you can ensure that you optimize your pages for mobile SEO.

Because Google says so

As the world’s largest search engine, what Google says and does matters. Long ago, the company saw the trend toward mobile and started prioritizing search results for mobile users. For this reason, website owners around the world must provide an outstanding mobile experience if they want to get noticed by smartphone users.

In addition to design elements, Google also assesses content for mobile websites in ways that are similar to traditional websites. Despite their philosophical similarities, the chasm between desktop and mobile search continues to expand as Google continues its mobile-first approach to indexing.

Mobile is different

Of course, you don’t need Google to tell you that mobile internet users have different needs than their desktop counterparts. For instance, a mobile user could be on a road, in an unfamiliar place looking nearby for a particular kind of food. Mobile users often use their devices in stores where they research product prices and specifications as they shop.

Mobile SEO companies give you a chance to answer the question, “What do mobile searchers need?” Although such a question inevitably leads to research, it opens the door for you to connect your brand with a vast audience that contains people at every stage of the customer cycle.

Staying competitive

If your competitors have failed to embrace responsive design, mobile SEO and other mobile marketing concepts, you can gain a valuable competitive edge in the marketplace. After all, Only the top sites displayed on mobile searches will get “tapped” by mobile users. Furthermore, mobile users have little patience for sites that don’t work well on small screens.

Chances are, however, that your larger competitors have already recognized that SEO is king of mobile app marketing. So, if you fail to engage, you will find yourself at a growing disadvantage by being invisible to mobile users.

Now that you understand the importance of SEO to mobile marketing, start optimizing your pages. If you’re a small business with limited financial and human resources, you can find affordable small business SEO services that can help. A mobile SEO company will help you meet the contextual needs of your audience and optimize your website while you focus on managing your business.

About the author: SEMNexus is a performance-driven digital marketing agency that provides its customers with the exposure they need to own the market.

Why SEO is the king of mobile marketing

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