Ways to benefit from the expertise of mobile advertising professionals

Ways to benefit from the expertise of mobile advertising professionals

We all remember the array of funny, colorful commercials that interrupted TV time in the past, and even now to a lesser extent. That’s how companies spread the word, drawing our attention to their products with catchy tunes and plenty of pictures. Now, with the number of mobile users increasing, companies are rethinking their marketing strategy.

A quick online search will reveal a wealth of statistics which point to the success of mobile advertising. But what is it? Simply, it’s a way of advertising through smartphones and other mobile devices that have a wireless internet connection. The channels for this niche of marketing include:

  • SMS or ‘text ads’.
  • Mobile web banners, which include banner and image advertisements.
  • In app ads, which include Click to download ads, Click to call ads and push notifications.

The value of this form of advertising is growing, with companies conducting immense amounts of research on ways to ensure a viewer’s response. Their aim is to ensure that their products are sold and services are hired.

Now we know what mobile advertising is, the question is: how does it work? The answer to this is highly dependent on the ad route that the mobile advertising companies choose to take. All of them will draw the public’s attention to the company and its products. If they are eye catching and relevant, they may do more than simply attract their attention, and as mentioned above, result in a sale.

Perhaps the most fundamental reason for the success of mobile advertising is the ease it provides to the customers. With mobile payments, customers can see an ad, click it and order their desired product in a matter of minutes if not seconds.


Mobile marketing may be a lucrative industry but it will only result in profits if it’s done correctly. Digiday predicts that mobile commerce will accumulate $284 billion by 2020, accounting for almost half of the total ecommerce sales.

So, how can mobile advertising companies ensure that their ads are a success? There are several factors involved in such a discussion including:


Needless to say, an ad that doesn’t target the audience will be ineffective. When creating a banner, or an attention grabbing video, companies must ensure that it relates to the user. The best way to do this is to find out what they want, correlate it with what you deliver and strike a balance between the two. They generally want a better experience, so how are you going to give them that?


Timing is everything, especially when mobile trends can end before they begin. In the digital age, people expect speed. They are impatient with long, boring monologues and ads that keep them from their business. A number of surveys conducted by Forrester and others, point to this. In fact, these statistics found a correlation between an enhanced user experience and successfully timed ads, which don’t disrupt their activities.

Quality not quantity

To link back to the point on timing, mobile advertising companies need to ensure their ads hit the ‘quality’ mark. You don’t want the user to have too many ads, that last too long or irritate the user or they may ignore you out of principle. On this basis, studies have concluded that ‘less is more’ in successful mobile advertising. The Forrester B2C Vice President and research director, Brigette Majewski, suggested that publishers don’t need to improve their ads, they need to limit them. This involves ‘sophisticated targeting’, enhanced attribution and a ‘greater sensitivity’ to the buyer’s experience.

There are different types of mobile advertising companies that can help you with specific needs for your app:


After such an in depth look into mobile advertising, you are probably wondering how you can incorporate it into your business plan. The industry is growing, not sinking with Emarketer suggesting that there will be a 40% increase annually in the US market alone. According to Zenith, it’s one of the few advertising avenues that will grow in the following year. You could have a cut of the profits that it offers, if you get your approach right.

To help you plan your strategy, try contacting one of the many mobile advertising and marketing companies out there. They will specialize in the vast aspects involved in mobile marketing; using priority data to create videos, in app banners and online images that are bound to catch attention. In the mobile world, companies will probably specialize in DSP, Ad Networks and Social Advertising. Each one of these can be essential to increasing profits.

We have created a list of the top 5 mobile advertising companies for you to consider. Perhaps one of them will meet your requirements.

MUNDOmediaWith its headquarters based in Toronto, MUNDOmedia has a large team of professionals spread across 4 global offices. Their services involve the use of mobile affiliates and DSP integration to launch international campaigns. Their clients include AliExpress and Baidu, both of whom make use of the monetization and mobile acquisition options that MUNDOmedia has to offer.
AdsterdamBased in UAE, Adsterdam also has offices in Indonesia. This mobile advertising company has an advertising network that supports device segmentation and geotagging. Its aim is to provide clients with clear reports that are based on information gathered from their tracking data and analytics. Their account managers are efficient and place a lot of emphasis on communication with their clients.
AppsFireBased in Paris, AppsFire helps clients to integrate advertisements in apps with the aim of enhancing the user’s experience. They place a significant amount of emphasis on research, continuously looking for innovative advertising methods that improve the effect of their creative tools and vast network.
GlispaThe Glispa Global Group is located in Berlin, with 8 additional offices located across the world. Each one offers a range of services, focusing on mobile ad networking and more broadly mobile marketing. Their services include ad placement which boosts their apps ranking in the App Store as well as a monetization of apps using SDK and DSP.
MatomyMatomy is a global company that provides its clients with solutions for all their advertising and marketing needs. Launched in 2007, Matomy uses a proprietary software, optimization technology, internal media, and app data analytics, all of which have enabled the company to become a global player in the mobile advertising industry. Their services are performance based, aiming to deliver impressive results to their clients.


According to the CEO of Vungle, advertisers are shifters towards platforms that are efficient, helping them to achieve their marketing objectives. Part of this means including the latest technology and marketing innovations into your strategy.

Augmented Reality is just one example of the new technologies used in mobile advertisement. It’s making headway, with a number of apps integrating aspects of it into their software. Snapchat and Pokémon Go are just two examples, their popularity and success point to a growth in AR.

The point is to connect form to function; i.e. mobile advertising companies will need to mix user ‘wants’ with their ‘needs’, ensuring that ads are easy to understand, efficient in their function and do their job with very little disruption to the user experience.


Mobiles are the future of, well, everything. They are becoming a staple for people, and that is something that companies are successfully adjusting for. If the impressive statistics on mobile marketing spending and profits are to be believed, mobile advertising is a crucial aspect of the marketing industry. It targets the audience, increases sales and allows companies to get ahead of their competition. But for it to work it needs to be done right. That’s where the mobile advertising companies come in. They specialize in advertising; whether it’s analysis of the big data that influences sales decision, social media adverts or in app ‘click to buy’ images.

These mobile advertising companies help businesses to create a plan that is relevant, puts quality over quantity and gets the timing just right. This is possible due to their connections, their understanding of the market and their commitment to their clients.

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