Use mobile app analytics companies help to have a successful app

Use mobile app analytics companies help to have a successful app

Mobile apps are cropping up by the dozen every minute. According to the stats, 1,000 new apps are submitted daily on the Apple Store, and Google Play Store has over 2.8 million apps. That means there is a deluge of mobile apps out there and the users are only going to remember the app that hits them hard. Standing out in this big crowd can be difficult. It means you need to systematically plan for your app to be amazing. And while a great concept for a mobile app may help you go down an extra mile, it is really the quality that ensures your users stick to your app.

Enter the mobile app analytics world

One of the great ways for gauging how well your mobile app is going to perform is through the help of mobile app analytics. Mobile app analytics help you answer important questions about your app. These analytics give you data that help evaluate its performance and usage.

Mobile app analytics companies can help you gather important information such as the frequency of your app downloads, app retention, app usage, level of user activity and engagement, etc. This information helps mobile app developers and clients fine tune their apps and provide features that align with the users’ demands. Mobile app analytics are actually a structured way of answering important questions about your users.

Many times, the kind of quality your users expect is going to be unclear to them. This means the success of your mobile app is dependent upon a lot of unsaid demands by your users. These unsaid demands can be assessed with the help of mobile app analytics. For example, these analytics can help you identify why people are abandoning purchase at the checkout when using your retail app. Or why your viewers are abandoning viewing videos after 30 seconds of using your video streaming app. It could lead you to important answers such as mobile app crashes, problems with the intuitive structure or storyboard of the mobile app, or even problems with the content.

The kind of mobile app analytics you need

Typically you will want your mobile app analytics to answer 6 generic questions. Once you know which questions you are after, you can choose mobile app analytics tools accordingly. You can choose to go for free mobile app analytics or the premium or paid models.

  • What is the download rate for your app?
  • How many of the users who downloaded your app are actually active on the app?
  • In what way do your users engage with the app? Do they explore the deep links and features? Do they frequent the homepage?
  • What are the most used features of your app and which ones are totally ignored?
  • How do you get your users? Which way generates most users and how many of them are valuable users?
  • Are there any technical issues? Problems with the UX or any other thing? Does the app work across all devices?

3 types of mobile app analytics

Obviously, as you can see, each question is a world in itself and will give birth to further sub-categorized questions. Your mobile app analytics company will help you amass the necessary data and also analyse it to present results and solutions. Here are the three types of mobile app analytics strategies that the firms will offer you for your app:

  • Mobile app marketing analytics
    Marketing analytics are essential for your mobile app. You need to know where and how users find your app. Are there any particular websites that lead to you that are working well for conversions? How is your app showing up on Apple Store or Google Play Store? Is it easy to find? How can you compare the downloads from different sources? How many in-app purchases are working?Basically, marketing analytics help you analyze how to best monetize your app, how to retain your customers and how to not lose them. At the end of the day, you want to make money with your mobile app. So marketing analytics are essential.
  • In-app mobile app analytics
    In-app analytics are about everything your users do with your app. This is the key to understanding how users are behaving with your app, and also, how the mobile app is behaving. Are your users utilizing all the features of the app? Is the interface intuitive enough? Are they able to find the deep links?In-app analytics often make use of demographical data to see how your users are behaving with the app. These kinds of metrics allow you to make important post-app decisions. How should you fine tune your app? What feature upgrades are needed? How do you turn your frequent users into valuable users?
  • Performance analytics
    Performance analytics are also a kind of in-app analytics. However, they are less concerned with the user behavior, and more concerned with the technical behavior of your app. With thousands of Android devices out there and a ton of Apple devices, having a mobile app that works across all kinds of technical platforms is necessary. If your app works on a certain model of the iPhone, but not on the latest model, all your marketing goes down the drain. You need to analyze if there are any specific crashes, any UX problems. Does your app slow down the system?To know these categories is necessary because they help you identify the kind of data you need and the type of mobile app analytics company you need to hire. The app owner will also be able to know the kind of analysis required by the business. If you are not able to narrow down your important questions, you won’t know what kind of mobile app analytics you need.

Top 5 mobile app analytics companies

And finally, if you’re ready to utilize an analytics app, here is a recommendation of the top 5 mobile app analytics companies we have come across, in no particular order.

Littio specializes in mobile app marketing. This Barcelona based company has a variety of services to offer to small, medium and big businesses, and one of their well-known services is mobile app analytics. The company helps you analyze data and end up with viable solutions. Whether you need app discovery campaigns, or App Store Optimization, their analytics can help you out.
If you want to submit your app across multiple app stores and also monitor and compare the performance at each store, CodeNgo is the platform for you. This company provides a special focus on automatic, multiple app publishing across multiple stores. And they help you track the post-publishing metrics and performance. The mobile app analytics company provides multi-language features to help developers gauge data across the different app stores.
If you want to improve your user acquisition campaigns and understand the implications of the different metrics gained from these campaigns, AppsFlyer is the platform for you. This company provides professional, advanced level mobile app analytics and tracking. Whether you are an app developer, app owner or a mobile marketing professional, this company will be of great service to you.
App personalization can greatly enhance a user’s experience. Swrve provides you with the analytics and metrics to help you do this. What’s more, Swrve gives you the tools you need to personalize the user’s app experience and make it more relevant to them. The behavioral analytics, demographics and other information help you to customize the user experience.
Kumulos can be a one-stop solution for mobile app developers and app owners. Not only does this company provide you with advanced mobile app analytics, they also provide you with other tools such as App Store Optimization or push notifications. Enhance your mobile app analytics strategy with the help of the services provided by the company Kumulos.

Find more Mobile App Analytics companies in our directory.

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