Top mobile app marketing companies interview: Adloonix

Top mobile app marketing companies interview: Adloonix

Vladyslav Sapozhnykov is the Founder and Chief Marketer at Adloonix. Adloonix is a mobile marketing company that was just recently founded earlier in 2018. It is located in Dnipro, Ukraine, and it currently has 8 employees. Vladyslav has been helping international brands become remarkable for years and in 2018, he decided to found his own marketing agency.

Here’s what Vladyslav had to say about Adloonix and the world of mobile advertising.

What does your mobile app marketing company do?

Adloonix the #1 marketing agency in providing the data-driven mobile strategies for brands & startups. We make brands remarkable by helping them become more profitable, generating more leads, simplifying their business processes and decreasing their marketing & sales expenses.

Our team increases brand awareness and drives higher quality leads to sales for brands & startups with the proven use of the data-driven SEO, PPC, CRO, or digital strategies, ensuring on-time implementation.

What clients have you worked for?

Farsali, English, Promarketing, TFC consulting, v-jet, Teletrade, Great trading, YouPerfect, Toleap, Ghent Altarpiece, Art4boon, Wheelly, Dream Shoes.

If you had to choose one category, in what kind of app marketing strategies does your mobile app marketing company stand out from the rest?

I would write our expertise is on customer journey mapping based on data-driven marketing (providing buyer persona research, conducting marketing analysis, marketing digital strategy and lead generation). It’s what marketing departments should do for their brands, but it’s a really tough process.

For example, now, you don’t need to think about what to write in the post or in the article, what advertising to perform, which distribution channel to choose or which social network to work with. Now you can track every step of your client, analyze KPI and understand what stage needs to be updated. Your marketing and sales can consist of only 20-30 simple actions that you can automate. You can make obvious conclusions that a detailed understanding of variables such as, knowledge of the needs of your customers, the market conditions and competitors, will invariably facilitate the increase of your sales by 2-3 times.

That’s why we created comprehensive business solutions based on data, helping brands and start-ups achieve the desired results in reaching a completely new level.

1. First of all, we conduct Buyer persona research, which helps you understand your customers, gain insights to the products they really want, ascertain how to attract them and find out where their values or satisfaction is entrenched.

2. The second product is the Marketing analysis, which enables you discover gaps in your current marketing, and also provides you with applicable solutions. To find out the most interesting decisions of your competitors, your market size and increase the value of your product.

3. Finally, the most interesting product of our chain is CJM strategy. It is the customer journey – which helps you track your customers and distinguish at what point the customer feel ready to buy and what he needs at one time or another. You no longer need to think about what method of the advertising campaign to execute, what social networks or marketing channels to work with. Information and a psychological approach will solve these issues for you.

And of course, you can implement this strategy with the help of our step-by-step plan, or better still spare yourself the ordeal and focus on your core competencies while we get the job done.

What are the basic KPIs every app marketer must keep in mind?

1) Conversion Rate: in order to measure the effectiveness of your user acquisition efforts, you need to know how many of users who discovered your app through an ad actually installed it.

2) Retention Rate: On average, only 36% of users are still using an app one month after they downloaded it. So, the time variables in RR formula may be different.

3) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): It is really important to know exactly how much each user cost you.

4) Lifetime Value of a user (LTV): It indicates the value your users bring to you over a period time.

5) Daily active users (DAU): DAU shows the level of engagement your unique retained users show on daily basis.

These are fundamental metrics for all brands and startups: from SaaS to tourism, from healthcare to an educational program app.

Which strategy is the best to make an app the number 1 on an app store?

There are a lot of ways to increase brand awareness and to become the number 1 on an app store. We practice paid promotion: Google Ads, Social Ads, marketing influencers, etc.

Of course, it depends on the country where you want to promote an app.

What is the best way to monetize a mobile app?

The “subscription” is the best ever monetization model that can be. I wouldn’t recommend to use google admob or google adsense.

What are the most common problems that app marketers face?

They do not really know who their target audience is, often lose money on advertising and do not conduct the market analysis. They do not even have a clear marketing process and the digital strategy.

What advice would you give to app owners that want to promote their apps?

Stop advertising and start to use marketing. Rely on data, not emotions. Find your audience and only after that make promotion. Analyze – strategize – implement – Repeat.

Why is MobileFirms useful to you?

Firstly, we appreciate cooperating with such a good platform. Secondly, we are getting a new referral link and we hope that MobileFirms will make a huge traffic soon. So, this will help us to increase our traffic too.

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Top mobile app marketing companies interview: Adloonix

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