Top mobile ad networks platforms

Top mobile ad networks platforms

If you have any experience in mobile app marketing, you’ve probably had your fair share of ups and downs. After all, in this highly competitive industry, many individuals and businesses invest significant sums of money in app marketing campaigns and strategies, only to find that their ROI has increased by marginal levels, if at all! Mobile ad networks are, of course, a must-have element of your app marketing strategy, but how can it be used more effectively at reduced cost to your app business?

Mobile ad networks are popular tools which quickly make your app gain traction amongst the different app stores due to their track record for high quality performance. Broadly speaking, an ad network can be defined as a conglomeration of organizations and platforms which help businesses promote their apps (or any other services). Depending upon the specific organization (and the fee involved), app marketers and advertisers can have their product or service displayed on countless platforms which will, undoubtedly, lead to a substantial number of impressions and clickthroughs.

Although, of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to mobile app marketing, many mobile ad networks have proven their worth countless times over by helping their clients achieve a level of high profile visibility for their apps that would have been impossible otherwise.

Here are a collection of must-know datapoint and tactics related to mobile ad networks that we guarantee will help you achieve your promotional benchmarks over time.


For those who are entirely new to the world of ad networks, we would be neglectful if we did not mention the mobile ad network referred to as Admob. Admob is widely considered to be one of the most compelling ‘entry points’ for app owners seeking to learn more about this particular form of advertising and develop a partnership with a proven winner that does not require aggressive financial investment upfront. One of the most compelling elements of Admob is its ability to allow app owners and mobile app marketing teams to create targeted advertisements keyed to a specific demographic.

This will, of course, allow you to invest money in ads that will be seen by your high priority demographic targets rather than just a broad swath of individuals as a whole. Due to its low cost of entry, Admob is an attractive option for both newly minted app marketing professionals as well as veteran tacticians alike.


Social media is one of the most attractive forms of advertising today given the unbelievably large user base of platforms such as Facebook. However, even more exciting for businesses is the fact that Facebook runs and manages its own unique mobile ad network which, when combined with the vast trove of data available on Facebook users, ensures that advertisements find your precise demographic as fast as possible. As is common with ad networks, there is virtually no guarantee that such tactics will lead to improved conversion, although there is a near certainty that your overall total number of impressions will be boosted dramatically by such means. This alone is a good reason to consider Facebook Ads as a critical component of your long term mobile app success.


If, for example, your mobile app is built on a specific platform (iOS or Android), you may be able to benefit from promotional tools included in that specific environment. For example, the Unity engine so often deployed by game app developers carries its own promotional network which is ideal for those seeking to connect with the demographic interested in Unity products. Apple offers an app marketing toolkit and Android has its own marketing tools.

Obviously, there is no use investing funds in advertising if it falls outside of your target audience, which is why a system such as this is truly ideal. We highly recommend that you research various mobile ad networks that may be tangentially related to your app.


Whatever mobile ad network you decide to use, it is critical that you take the time upfront to properly research its feature and ‘perks’ as well as its costs in order to ensure that you can create a fair and accurate assessment of what you may be able to expect in terms of visibility and promotion for your app.

Don’t expect mobile advertising networks companies to suddenly solve the woes you have been having related to poor conversion and retention. Instead, consider them one of many tools you have in your arsenal to help you move forward with a realistic and cost-efficient mobile app marketing strategy.

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Top mobile ad networks platforms

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