Top 10 App Analytics companies

Top 10 App Analytics companies

These days analytics are an important part of a website, but it should also be applied to mobile apps. Tracking the data generated by users inside an application is key to mobile app developers, app marketers and even app owners.

Mobile app analytics can be divided into three major groups: marketing, in-app and app performance analytics. Despite the main objective of marketing is knowing how people reached the application, it’s also a way of increasing ROI and not losing any users.

On the other hand, we can use in-app analytics to understand how the user behaves within the application. And to see if there is any app crash or UX problems, performance app analytics will help a mobile app developer with that.

Mobile app analytics is going to be a useful tool in a near future, for the app marketer as well as for all the people behind that application. That’s why we have decided to list the top 10 app analytics companies in MobileFirms’ directory. Reasonable MVPsMobile App Analytics Company in Ukraine

On, the app analytics professionals help their customers to test hypothesis without any line of code before it goes on development. Mobile app analytics for iPhone apps, Apple Watch apps, iPad apps, Apple TV apps or Android apps is one of their strengths.

Appsee The qualitative app analytics leader

Appsee is an industry-leading platform that not only provides you with traditional, quantitative analytics but also qualitative analytics. With powerful touch heatmaps and user session recordings, mobile professionals can actually see how users behave and make effective changes to their app. You can also utilize Appsee’s analytics to easily reproduce bugs, ANRs, and crashes. This additional layer to numerical data helps you answer the “why” behind your numbers.


Mobiloitte Technologies Increase Apps Downloads & RevenueMobile App Analytics Company in India

 Using Mobiloitte technology capabilities, the client will benefit from IoT, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence or even Big Data. Their objective is to deliver compelling products that can be used by millions of users. Once the app is published, Mobiloitte offers app analytics services to understand better how customers use the mobile apps.


AppLift Achieve true performanceMobile App Analytics Company in Germany

With a global publisher base, their customers are able to run advertising campaigns all around the world. The team from AppLift will empower mobile app advertisers to take control of the app marketing lifecycle based on app analytics.


AppFigures Make the right decisionsMobile App Analytics Company in United States

In just one view, AppFigures will give you all the app analytics metrics that your company requires. It will put all the analytics from different app market stores in one chart. This platform also gives stats divided by countries and comparing your competition in the same place.


App Annie Build a better app businessMobile App Analytics Company in United States

Discovering growth opportunities while identifying emerging players and competitive threats are some of the key points AppAnnie offers to its customers. Their idea is to facilitate the business app analytics to app owners and marketers so they can focus on the whole mobile app marketing and development strategy.


360dialog Mobile is a reality. Engage with your mobile users.Mobile App Analytics Company in Germany

Having a 1-to-1 chat is easy with 360dialog. Their objective is to facilitate communication within any given moment to the customer. Using chatbots and algorithms, 360dialog helps app marketers achieve a more personalized experience with customers.


Mobidea Revenue speaks louder than wordsMobile App Analytics Company in Luxembourg

With its offices in Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Israel and some other countries, Mobidea allows its affiliate community to monetize mobile traffic to the maximum. The company is a Mobile Programmatic Affiliate Network offering to its affiliates more than 80% flat revenue share and app analytics data.


Swrve Marketing That Anticipates And Solves Each Customer’s NeedsMobile App Analytics Company in United States

Swrve is a mobile app marketing automation vendor. With offices in London, Dublin and San Francisco, their goal is to help customers know their users offering app metrics like engagement, KPIs, retention, cohort and attribution analysis.


AppBrain Make your Android app successfulMobile App Analytics Company in Switzerland

With services like promotion, monetization or app analytics, AppBrain gives the possibility of earning money while promoting apps. The idea is to publish different banners using AppBrain’s SDK inside their customers applications and control and manage the customers data.


Minodes Analytics and proximity marketing for stationary retailMobile App Analytics Company in Germany

Minodes, based in Germany but with offices in UK and India, are specialized in stationery retail. The objective is to provide retailers with information and app analytics, using iBeacons, about their customers habits while shopping.


As we’ve seen on this top 10 app analytics companies list, once all the data of the mobile app is collected, it helps improve the future performance and the growth of the application. Mobile app analytics won’t only benefit the evolution of the app, but they are a useful tool for advertising matters.

With app analytics app owners and app marketers know everything that goes on between the customers and the app. If they leave the app without buying, how many times a day they access the app, the retention rate, the churn rate, monthly active users, daily sessions, CPA, etc. For people new in the mobile app world all these concepts might sound unfamiliar, this is why having a professional mobile app marketer specialized in app analytics by your side is the best idea once you launch your app.

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