Tips to find the right Mobile DSP company

Tips to find the right Mobile DSP company
In today’s deeply interconnected web of media buying, online advertising and digital marketing, it can be incredibly difficult for business and app owners to take the first step on the path towards expanding their visibility and footprint on the internet. After all, with a massive array of businesses competing for a limited number of highly visible platforms, it has become necessary not only to find a competitive price for such media placements, but also the right mobile app marketing company who can guarantee that your app ends up where it needs to be. Such demand has led to the creation of the SSP and DSP business entities.

Simply put, the SSP (Supply Side Platform) and DSP (Demand Side Platform) paradigms represent two distinct sides of the media buying experience. The SSP serves as a tangible connection or interface between the publisher of content and the ad exchange through which it will travel. Meanwhile, a DSP represents individuals who are interested in purchasing digital ad inventory. Although the terminology may be somewhat complex, these two sides of the online advertising industry are a microcosm of the supply/demand methodology that has become the hallmark of economic activity the world over.

Although you may have a solid idea of what a SSP and DSP may be, a more pressing question could be as follows: how do I know which particular platform you should work with in order to serve your specific needs? Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of helpful insights and tips which should allow you to better understand how you can maximize your money, time and effort alongside a mobile DSP. Although it would be foolish to guarantee the success of promotional app campaigns, we can guarantee that these tips will ensure that you are collaborating with some of the best mobile DSP companies in the business.


What is your particular marketing and media buying need? Are you more focused on display ads, or are you also incorporating social media and native advertising into your toolkit alongside mobile advertising for your app? When you ask yourself this question, approach your answer not only from the perspective of where your app is sitting today, but where you will be in six months. After all, the pace at which technology is changing means that if you are already spotting a new trend that you aren’t a part of, the chances are good that you will need to be there within six months. Whatever your answer may be, you will likely find that particular mobile DSP companies are more suited to your needs than others. This type of early specialization identification will help ensure that the DSP you end up using will deliver the best possible results that remain tailored to your digital footprint.


To what extent will you be relying on mobile DSP companies? Are you staffing a team of expert traders and buyers who can manage cross-platform DSP work, or are you relying on a single individual who will likely find it difficult to keep up with one DSP? Your answers to these questions will help you determine to what extent you should be exploring DSP immersion in your business. It’s not uncommon for large businesses to work with multiple mobile DSP companies at once, purchasing valuable assets across a broad array of channels. However, such actions are entirely infeasible for small businesses which may not have either the personnel or financial resources to undertake and sustain such actions. An honest and accurate assessment of your company and your resources/capacities will ensure that your engagement with a DSP is truly beneficial.


To what extent is your team prepared for your DSP goals and objectives? For each specific promotional channel that exists, there is also a wealth of knowledge and expertise required in order to ensure that your engagement inside of said DSP yields positive outcomes. If your team is ill-equipped to explored social DSP, for example, you may need to either avoid this particular paradigm entirely, or hire someone or a mobile DSP company who knows exactly what they are doing so you don’t invest money unwisely. Sometimes, knowing what isn’t possible is just as valuable and important as knowing what is! Carefully explore the strengths and weaknesses of your team as it pertains to DSP. This early research is critical to understand what your next move forward should be in this dynamic arena.


Just because you may have identified a DSP which is yielding solid results doesn’t mean that this particular channel will continue to perform as well over the long term. Getting “comfy” with a mobile DSP and ignoring the hard data it generates could lead you into a situation where you have invested money in a system that is exponentially less efficient than it was when you first discovered it.

Of course, the same could be said for virtually any technological tool being used today. Given the rapid rate of growth, evolution and chance in media buying and digital promotion, success is measured not only by the savvy of your initial plan, but also your flexibility and adaptability over time. Media buying is certainly one of the most rapidly changing mediums in digital promotions today. You should be fully prepared to abandon a mobile DSP if you discover that it is not capable of delivering results you need, even if it had fully satisfied your needs at an earlier point.


Your choice of a mobile DSP company should be based upon your specific promotional strategy, not the other way around. Adapting your advertising strategies based upon the reputation and characteristics of a mobile DSP is a surefire recipe for disaster. Make sure you stay committed to your plan, and find a mobile DSP company that fits this mold.


While there certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all approach’ to mobile DSP, it is our belief that these strategies will allow you to move forward with a high degree of competency and confidence over time. It is quite likely that your goals and objectives will change over time as your business expands. With this knowledge, you will be able to continually seek out and identify the right mobile DSP company for your needs. If you have any questions about a particular mobile DSP company, we strongly advise you to explore reviews and analysis from other buyers, as well as industry experts.

Tips to find the right Mobile DSP company

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