The best practices on App Discovery

The best practices on App Discovery

For many mobile app developers and app owners, the singular act of finishing development on a practice that may have consumed months or years of your life is a triumph indeed. A polished, well crafted app can invoke a sense of pride that will make those long nights and days of work seem definitely worth it. That being said, translating this hard work into a profit can be a bit more daunting, particularly if you don’t have a massive mobile app marketing budget behind you in order to successfully promote your product. With that in mind, perhaps the following question should be on the mind of every app owner who has just finished building the app of their dreams: how do I get my product in front of the right audience?

Gearing your mobile app marketing strategy in order to ensure the right people find your app isn’t magic. In fact, you can rely upon a series of simple, straightforward steps in order to ensure that you maximize your visibility and craft a compelling return on investment so users discover your app among the million of mobile applications that are on the app stores.

We’ve created this guide in order to provide the app holder with a few additional ideas and helpful hints that will allow you to move forward on the right path towards getting your app discovered with the help of the best mobile app discovery companies. If, after reading this article, you’re still curious about what you can do to better position yourself and your product in the oversaturated mobile app marketplace today, there’s no better resource for you than the marketplace itself! We strongly recommend you take the time to evaluate the promotional platforms of leading apps in your specific industry today, noting any specific tools they may be using to spread the word.


Much like Search Engine Optimization has become a household name for techies and web designers around the world, so has App Store Optimization (ASO) become a buzz-worthy topic in the mobile app marketing community. Simply put, there are simple tweaks you can make to the presentation of your app in the marketplace so as to ensure that you receive more than just a casual glance from would-be users. Mobile App Discovery companies recommend to select a handful of high-quality, attractive screenshots to include with your app description in the marketplace which cast your app in the best light possible.

Speaking of descriptions, it’s essential that you use relevant keywords in the text profile of your app in order to ensure that search engines can properly find you. That being said, Mobile App Discovery companies also endorse app owners to learn from those who have come before you in the realm of ASO. Under no circumstances should you engage in keyword stuffing, as this will likely trigger warning bells in both the marketplace administrators as well as customers themselves. Keep your content original, and you’re guaranteed to build your organic traffic.

Don’t forget to take the time to continually update your app profile on the marketplace of your choice with update news, release notes, and any other relevant information that you feel your users need to know for your app to be discovered. An app which displays little or no release notes and version info will make users feel that little, if any, technical support exists for this product. This will, in turn, make them much less interested in spending money on your app. As you can see, this simple task can greatly influence your overall download revenue!


Just as web marketers utilize a CPC, or cost-per-click, campaign to generate buzz about websites and other online products, so app marketers can invest in cost-per-install campaigns which charge app owners every time a customer installs their application. Depending upon the price you pay for each download, this could prove to be either a highly rewarding or finance-draining endeavour.

The real potential of such a campaign, however, is as follows: as the number of downloads you receive increases, your chances of reaching the top charts for your specific app category increase dramatically. If, by good fortune, you find yourself in this coveted list, you will experience a fantastically large boost in visibility, credibility and, finally, revenue.


Although you may feel that advertising is a difficult, time-intensive task, never forget that there are platforms and Mobile App Discovery companies out there that are willing to do the hard work for you! 3rd party promotion is a highly viable tool for many app marketers seeking a leg up in the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Consider investing in the services of advertisers such as Facebook, Google, etc. Each of these platforms is not only immensely popular amongst individuals across a wide demographic cross section, but they also allow for precise audience targeting. This, in turn, will all but ensure that you are placing your advertising exactly where it needs to be in order to achieve the best possible visibility. With a variety of low-cost advertising schemes for businesses on more streamline budgets, there’s virtually no reason not to get started with one of these immensely powerful services. The extent of their reach alone is worth taking the time to move forward with one of these providers immediately.


Whether it’s through bloggers, social media or even word of mouth, promoting your app outside of the marketplace entirely will produce substantial dividends over time. Remember that, for many users, their trip to the app marketplace is not casual and directed primarily towards the download of a specific product. By addressing your app and its benefits outside of the marketplace in both the online arena and real world, you can ensure that you reach customers before they have entered the sales funnel for an entirely different product.

In a sense, this form of ‘low-tech’ advertising may be even more powerful than collaborations with 3rd party advertisers over the long-term. Organic search is one of the most overlooked tools available to a mobile app marketer today. By spreading the world in a positive, upbeat way outside of the marketplace, you may be able to gain traction you never thought was possible.


As you can see, there’s much you can do to begin promoting your app well in advance of even your first day in the app marketplace. All these strategies will help your app be discovered by the right target, and you can always hire a Mobile App Discovery company to help.

Don’t hesitate to explore all available options when it comes to spreading the word about the great product you have developed. Even if you’re only making a meaningful connection with one individual a day, this is absolutely more than enough to get you going in the right direction.

All great things take time, of course, but there’s still much you can do to begin promoting your app to the right people using the right app discovery strategies. It’s always worth your while to remember that even the biggest, most financially successful apps had to begin somewhere.

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