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Over the years, reports have shown that the more searches are now coming from mobile phones compared to the desktop web pages. This means that mobile apps need to be revved up, now more than ever. Google announced previously that they will be introducing the ‘mobile-first indexing of the Web’ which means that Google will now be filing the mobile versions as well. This will determine the ranks of the sites considering, both, the desktop and mobile search results. This focuses on the fact that it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile version for your website.

Let’s face it, even in the 21st century, there are hundreds of websites that are only suitable for desktop. When opened in mobile however, they are a complete disaster. This ranking method will now, sort of, force mobile SEO companies to offer a better improved interface for the mobile version. So basically mobile optimization is all about being prepared, your site will be accessed through different platforms. Your website should be adjusting in terms of design and content.


Nowadays people prefer staying in touch and connecting through mobiles because of their countless benefits. There is no doubt that 2017 will be the year for mobile SEO companies to take charge. From what we know, Google’s ‘mobile-first indexing’ has given the mobile friendly sites a significant boost in rankings. In 2015 Google rolled out the update called Mobilegeddon making many websites lose its place on the ranking chart. While some were affected directly, others still have a chance to venture towards mobile friendly index before getting the new update.

So basically there are three main factors that mark your website as mobile friendly:

  • Responsive design: in order for your website to be mobile friendly, it needs to provide the users with the same experience. Everything including the HTML and URL remains the same however, the page layout is rearranged by the CSS. This approach is approved and most liked by Google as it requires zero to no maintenance and can be updated easily. This also decreases the chance of duplication of data although redesigning the website again is needed. Most mobile SEO companies are compelled to get the responsive design because of its long time benefits.
  • Dynamic design: it is a bit different from the previous one, where the responsive design needs a complete makeover the dynamic design doesn’t require a complete reboot. However, it needs to be updated and maintained regularly. What differentiates responsive design from dynamic is that it provides users with a customized experience. Furthermore, the URL for all versions remain the same while the HTML version changes according to the requested device.
  • Separate mobile website: this is when you decide to create a completely different version only for mobile. The URL for the mobile version is different; however it has its own drawbacks. There are more chances for technical errors. The main desktop app doesn’t need changes or makeovers, you can create a completely different mobile centric site to give your users a customized experience. The maintenance cost increases and the site becomes prone to SEO errors.

Make sure you are not left hanging with a desktop website and a poorly designed mobile website. Try following mobile SEO companies tips to ensure that you are on top of your game and not falling behind.

You can do the following to make your mobile site free of errors and glitches:

  • Mobile friendly: take the mobile friendly test by Google. This test consists of a number of usability criteria. Note that this test applies to all pages so make sure that all pages of your site land on the criteria for mobile friendliness. Viewpoint configuration and text size are some of the things included in the test. You can conduct a quick and free test via a website auditor.
  • Complete audit: in order to ensure that all your pages pass the mobile friendly test, go for a more in depth audit. This will certify that the Googlebot can access all your pages and they are error free. Look for all SEO factors because they can affect your desktop and mobile site in the same manner. Avoid using Flash as most mobile browsers do not support it. Another trick is by compressing your images, this way they will load faster.
  • Keyword search for mobile: remember, that the keyword search for desktop is different from the mobile keyword search. There are 2 immediate reasons behind that. Most mobile searches are done using the voice search and they are usually the ones that need to be answered immediately. The best way to start off is by examining your search console stats. This is ideal because it gives you an in depth analysis of the keywords for mobile and desktop that had a higher search volume ratio.
  • AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP allow you to build the mobile web version much faster. The load time of AMP pages is unbelievably high i.e. 0.7 seconds whereas the pages without AMP take up to 22 seconds to load. The reason behind this is that the user receives the content from Google cache.


There are several corporations that have been striving to mark their name in this field. Here are the top 5 mobile SEO companies that are currently ruling the market.

DeftsoftDeftsoft is an Indian company that specializes in digital marketing for SEO related campaigns, these include both web and mobile products. Ideally they provide innovative ideas with content services so that the campaigns being run by them can achieve top results. Their services also include social media marketing and search engine marketing. In order for your ranking on the Google or App Store, they offer ASO. The App Store Optimization increases your rank, reviews and installations with time.
Mobile ActionMobile Action is a company that offers a SaaS platform for mobile marketing, for app analytics of mobile marketing and intelligence software. This company is specifically used as a tool for mobile marketing meaning that it focuses on mobile SEO, ASO, app store monitoring and keyword research.
AppMarketingPlusAnother leading corporation in the mobile SEO companies is AppMarketingPlus, they are based in India and offer digital marketing. The company has an array of services to offer, these include ASO, SEO (mobile and desktop), social media marketing, app installations and app press releases. Most importantly, they cater to the needs of clients from different categories. These campaigns when run and coordinated at the same time guarantee definitive growth.
MindinventoryMindInventory is a leading company that carries out services related to digital marketing, web design and mobile app development. It consists of mobile SEO, making sure that you excel in this field.
Hats-OffHats-Off is the pioneer of digital marketing and offers all services related to it. These include search engine marketing, UI design, SEO, content marketing and brand design. The employees at Hats-Off are experts in web and mobile app development. They have solutions available for all your problems and queries so whether you are a small company or a big one, Hats-Off will be there to help you.


Of course it is hard to predict the future for mobile SEO and the firms that help you with your app marketing strategy. Making modifications now that you have time is advisable. The mobile community is growing rapidly and people are drastically shifting from desktop searches to mobile searches. So, it is suggested that you make proper arrangements before all these actions actually take place. It is the right decision if you wish on maintaining your rank position and clientele.

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