The best guide for a mobile app press release

The best guide for a mobile app press release

If you have been looking for a new way to help your mobile app release gain traction prior to an upcoming launch, you may have just stumbled on a simple, easy-to-use tool that can dramatically improve your overall visibility and consumer attention from the get go. Press releases have long been considered a powerful tool for marketers, yet many app owners have foregone this time-tested methodology in favor of more contemporary, innovative promotional tools. However, the effectiveness of mobile app press releases has long been an undisputed factor of modern app marketing, which is why app owners should definitely keep in mind this uniquely powerful tool!

We’ve designed this guide in order to help you, the mobile app development company and app owner, better understand how you can begin spreading the word about your mobile app even prior to launch with press releases and the help of mobile app press release companies.

Whether you are working on your debut app launch, mobile app press releases can quickly begin working in your favor. Not only are they immensely helpful, they are also easy to make! Here are a few simple steps which you can use to begin crafting the perfect mobile app press release.


If you only had a few words you could use to promote your mobile app, what would you say? What information do you feel is absolutely essential for readers who may have little to no knowledge of your product or service? When you begin to create your app press release, it is absolutely essential to remember that these documents carry with them an inherently limited word count. If your app press release is overly lengthy, not only will it fail to capture the attention of readers but it might also be rejected by services which accept and distribute such documents.

We highly recommend that you take a moment to evaluate your product and determine what specifically must be included in the mobile app press release in order to ensure that customers have all of the information they need in order to take the next step in your product sales funnel (for example, downloading your app).

As a general rule, try to address the following questions: Who is this app intended for? What does the app do? When will it be available? Where can the mobile app be downloaded? Why should the average consumer be interested? These five questions, if answered succinctly and professionally, will help guarantee that you benefit from the full range of perks these documents can provide.


Personalization has long been a potent tool in the palate of mobile app marketers and app promoters. Finding a credibly voice to discuss and/or promote your app will lend your product a degree of familiarity and ‘human-ness’ that are guaranteed to help you stand out from the mobile app market crowd.

If you are creating apps as part of a larger company, you could include quotes from members of your leadership team or company owner. If you are an independent app developer or an app owner, you should seek out a credibly authority in the world of mobile app development who can speak on your behalf. Always shoot for the stars when it comes to finding the perfect reference and quote for your project. The more credibility and professionalism the individual supplying your quote has, the more likely it is that this will benefit your product and your efforts over the long term.


Although you may have some leeway when it comes to crafting the content found in your mobile app press release, you should always pay careful attention to any formatting requirements that may present themselves along the way. For example, your app press release may need to adhere to a specific word or paragraph count requirement. Or, you may be required to include pertinent contact information in a header or footer as part of the document. These are just two examples of critical details that should always be respected when you begin publishing your mobile app press releases.

Always keep in mind that hundreds of app-related businesses are attempting to publish press releases as often as possible. If you don’t pay attention to the details of this process, it is quite likely that your product will be rejected and someone else will get the attention you have been seeking.


Consider your app press release to be a mini elevator pitch for your product. What can you say to effectively convince a business owner to invest in your app? What particular facets of your app will make it more appealing for consumers at large? If you can distill this question into a single, brief and direct response, it is quite likely that you will be able to quickly engage audiences and convert them either into paying customers.

Many app owners make the common mistake of treating their app press release like an informational document rather than a promotional tool. Although it is true that some mobile app press release companies will refuse to publish documents which appear overly promotional, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with strongly communicating any powerful benefits, highlights of your product that will help convince audience members to commit to a purchase. In fact, many professionals consider the hallmark of a great app press release to be precisely this balance of fact and marketing prowess.


No one creates the perfect mobile app press release the first time, which is why it is essential to commit to a series of these documents in order to ensure that you can properly master tone, voice and content in as brief a time as possible. Additionally, anyone who knows about app press releases will also tell you that these documents should be submitted as often as possible when any new developments emerge regarding your app. The more practice you gain writing press releases now, the less time it will take to create effective documents of this nature in the future.

If you don’t have time to write your own app press release, you can always hire the top mobile app press release companies available worldwide.

We hope that this information has proven to be beneficial and insightful. As always, we highly recommend that you commit to a hands-on learning experience with app press releases. Choose a particular newsworthy item related to your app and write your mobile app press release about it. Once you have finished, you can pick and choose between a number of press release outlets which will distribute your document and provide you with valuable visibility over time.

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