Tactics to succeed with your mobile app promotion

Tactics to succeed with your mobile app promotion

If you are like many app owners out there, you probably have realized that conceiving, drafting and coding your app is actually the easiest part of getting your product to market. More than anything, a growing number of mobile app development companies and app owners are realizing that making an app is far easier than selling it. Why is this? The answer is simple. As the app market continues to expand at an exponential rate, an increasing number of app owners are vying for a relatively small consumer pool. Although the prowess of a mobile app may have ‘spoken for itself’ a few years ago, even the best products released into the market today require superhuman app promotion efforts in order to ensure that they aren’t lost amongst the dizzying array of competitor apps brought to fruition on a daily basis.

Mobile app promotion is fast becoming one of the most talked about and critical aspects of app production today. App owners which have chosen to ignore this particular facet of their larger app marketing strategies and production timelines often find themselves with a great product and virtually no visibility to support it.

Not only can this dramatically lengthen the time it takes to achieve a lucrative return on an app, but it could also spell doom for companies operating on tighter budgets that simply do not have time to ‘wait out’ the market and rely on slow organic search growth.

With these ideas in mind, we have compiled these tactics in order to provide app owners with an arsenal of simple tools you can use to quickly make positive gains within the app marketplace, you can also reach a mobile app promotion company to help you.

No matter where you may be in your promotion efforts, and whether this is your first mobile app or one of several products you have/are planning on releasing in the near future, we guarantee that this information will act as a boost to your current app promotional tools.


There are no shortage of extremely helpful tools or mobile app promotion companies you can use to begin promoting your app. However, if you’re serious about making headway with these resources, you will definitely need to plan ahead.

Identify the specific demographic your app targets and begin to source blogs, review site and social media groups devoted to discussions revolving around similar products. Once you have a viable product ready to be released, consider providing early release copies to various publishing platforms or mobile app promotion companies so that they can begin spreading the word about your app the moment it hits the market.

As a general rule, remember the following: the longer your app stays in obscurity, the less likely it is to rise out of it. Spend the time necessary upfront getting your app in front of the right people, and you will reap significant returns and gain massive traction upfront the moment your product is available to the general public.


If prospective customers do end up finding your app on a marketplace, they will need to be impressed. With that in mind, it is essential that you take the time to craft a compelling and, most importantly, professional app store presence which will help ensure that the end stage of your sales funnel – the app store purchasing page- acts as a ‘final attractor’ rather than a deterrent.

Choose some of the most compelling screenshots you can source from your app and make sure these are visible on the app promotional page. If you have any excellent video or user testimonials or reviews (look back to Tactic #1!) these can be an excellent confidence booster which will help you snag the early sales that are so essential for developing traction.

As a point of early research, locate apps already available in the marketplace which mirror both your target demographic and your specific product category. These should be highly successful apps which can act as a ‘textbook’ for your future endeavours.


Simply relying on one singular sales funnel can be treacherous when you are trying to secure high returns on your app promotional efforts in a short amount of time. Just because you have a presence in an app store doesn’t mean you should deploy a well-optimized website in addition to this consumer portal.

Simple, easy-to-initiate website optimization and other tools can help you rapidly boost the volume of organic search traffic you receive. Once visitors arrive on your webpage, you should ensure that this particular portal acts as a near immediate segue to your app store page. This webpage will, in effect, become a second portal for your app that is guaranteed to do a significant amount of leg work for you over the long term.


Think about all of the various social media tools available to individuals across a broad array of industries today. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or any one of countless other app promotional tools available to you today, find a particular combination of social media utilities that your competitors have found success with and move quickly to fully integrate these into your promotional ensemble.

That being said, a ‘less is more’ mentality can be significantly more potent when dealing with social media, particularly if your team simply does not have the manpower to create daily postings for multiple platforms. Always work within the confines of your resources and make sure that you create media-rich posts that are as visually appealing as the message they communicate. This is a de facto quality standard form which you should never deviate. Mobile app promotion companies can also help you with this.


When you do begin trying out new promotional methods, we also recommend that you compare and contrast returns on the varying tools you decide to use with a simple A/B testing methodology. This will allow you to quickly see which tools or mobile app promotion companies are producing the type of results you expect and which are simply unable to get the job done as quickly as you would like. A/B testing is truly an integral part of most modern app marketing teams, and will certainly become a powerful tool for your own mobile app marketing endeavours over the short and long term.

As you can see, there are a variety of quick changes you can make in your app promotional strategies that will lead to great gains over time.

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