Strategies to increase your mobile app installs

Strategies to increase your mobile app installs

Mobile app install ads are used to drive these mobile app installs. These ads show in the most obvious ways such as while playing a game or using an app or in your social media newsfeed. These ads usually redirect you to the Play Store or App Store on your phones or other mobile devices. With the increasing number of mobile apps that are available or downloads, many app owners believe that mobile app installs are not important, however, smart marketers and app publisher recognize that these installs can be helpful to the overall mobile app marketing strategy of the company.


At present, mobile app installs companies report that such advertising is so successful that companies continue to invest about $10 million on app installs campaigns on Facebook every month. The mobile app installs companies also reported collective revenues of $4.6 billion in 2016 which have grown significantly since then, and are expected to reach a tremendous $6.8 billion in 2019.

However, competition for these app installs grows every day, with over 1 million apps being featured on the Play Store and only 25% of installed apps being used. Mobile app marketing experts suggest that mobile app installs companies are still relevant to the process for an app owner or developer. These installs can be from two sources: organic or paid.

Organic installs are the ones derived from browsing the application platforms or discovered from the recommended section. Paid installs, on the other hand, are generated through promotions and advertising campaigns for various apps. These paid installs allow for the App Store Optimization of the advertised app, helping you increase the number of installs in a short time and getting your app featured as a trending app, bringing it to the top. Usually paid mobile app installs are used to initiate the advertising campaign, and then these installs are maintained through organic installs. Statistics show that for each paid installation, an average of 3 organic installations follow.


Mobile app installs companies have increased in number as their success and revenues have grown. The top 5 companies which have been in the business for a long time and have achieved great success and are expected to continue to do are:

Mobiloitte TechnologiesMobiloitte Technologies is considered to be one of the best companies with app marketing capabilities. This company works to increase the mobile app installs of its customers as well as their revenues. Based in India, this app marketing company caters to customers all around the world, focusing primarily on large and medium sized companies. They provide expertise in several areas including: competitor research, category selection, app localization, helping out with reviews and ratings, as well as title and description optimization. Through these services, they aim to promote the mobile apps of their clients, increasing their rankings in various application platforms, and increasing their app downloads.
LittioWith its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, Littio is one of the top five mobile app installs companies. Littio focuses on small and medium sized mobile app developers and app owners, with only 20% of its client portfolio consisting of the larger companies. Littio provides a wide variety of services, which primarily include mobile app tracking and analytics, App Store Optimization and app discovery. It also helps mobile app developers in minimizing their costs per install by launching various campaigns, providing mobile affiliates and ad networks, and helps them generate app store reviews, in order to advertise and market various clients’ apps, and acquire customers.
SI Global SolutionsWith a clientele of mostly big companies, SI Global Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA and UAE that work as a system integrator and consultancy company. They intend to transform the information and communication technology, as to enable the design, development and implementation of professional techniques for various industries to use them. Their advancement in technology means that their clients can stand out in the market, providing greater productivity, and thus giving better return on investment compared to other competitors. SI Global Solutions is not just a mobile app installs company, but also provides other app tracking and analytical services, App Store Optimization, handling mobile app press releases, social advertising, mobile affiliates, app promotion, retargeting and mobile user acquisition.
AdAction InteractiveAdAction Interactive is also a company based in the United States that offers various mobile app marketing services, including mobile app marketing campaigns, increasing app installs, mobile app discovery, advertising, mobile app analytics, mobile DSP and app testing and tracking. It specializes in providing customized solutions in the mobile app industry, which are performance based. Their data driven technology enables them to optimize acquisition campaigns, leading their clients to obtain quality installs, and maximum engagement, resulting in a lower cost per installation and a better return. They are a pioneer advertising network that has been able to achieve 6 million installs a month for some of its biggest customers, such as some Fortune 100 companies.
MobuppsMobUpps is primarily a mobile affiliates advertising network that provides services to solely small and medium sized application developers and owners. They also work with integrated DSPs, alongside direct publishers. They focus on developing long term partnerships with their customers, by providing high quality services. Some of the services they provide include mobile advertising and marketing for apps, mobile affiliates, mobile app installs, mobile app promotions and user acquisitions.


Mobile app installs can be very useful in increasing the returns of investment for an app owner with a mobile app marketing strategy. While the virtual ecosystem is expanding quickly, and getting more crowded every day, companies are finding it hard to market their apps in an effective way. It is essential to keep an app marketing strategy in mind for when the app is launched, usually through advertising networks and mobile affiliates. Through a good company, app owners can increase the mobile app installs for their products, although this increase in installs might not necessarily mean increased usage. However, investing in it has its own benefits.

Once the application becomes one of the most frequently downloaded apps, despite that it may not be used, over time it can lead to organic installs, as aforementioned. This means that, once it comes into the app store’s trending or most downloaded list, it will show up in the recommended section, through App Store Optimization. This, in turn, allows for the app to reach the intended market at a larger scale, with greater usage rates.

Through mobile app installs companies, app owners can actually gain because without the intense advertising and mobile installs campaign, their apps may never receive the recognition they deserve.

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Strategies to increase your mobile app installs

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