Most Useful App Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most Useful App Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps have become a rage since their inception as they have this incredible ability to bring the world in your hands (literally)! This doesn’t necessarily mean that all mobile apps that have been published so far are here to stay in the top charts of the mobile app store.

But some apps do stay at the top and rule respective categories for months together and remain user’s favorites long after their launch. This is because Entrepreneurs have a deeper understanding of how the mobile app world works.

And if you believe your app is worthy enough for a “download” and has “success” written all over it but doesn’t require marketing, then you are wrong on so many levels. Your app will only flourish if backed up with a good marketing strategy.

The following three mantras must be a part of marketing strategy for your mobile app’s success:

1. Prep before you Launch

Many people assume that the marketing of app comes after its launch. That’s so not true!

Come up with a marketing plan before you start building your app. Exploit your existing assets such as social media profiles, web presence to market your app.

Start promoting your app on your website’s landing page while building your app and tease your potential audience with app trivia such as release dates and activities after the launch.

Use social media announcements and press releases to let users know that the app is a work in progress and on its way.

So, create a solid plan to meet your marketing goals.

2. Make your App Noticed

Grab your target audience’s attention by using innovative means to show them your app’s presence.

Constructive criticism can get you to earn some brownie points. Invest in user reviews and Use PreApps to make a demo video for your app and get feedback before you go live on the app store.

Use Buzzsumo or Followerwonk to identify and connect to the niche influencers in order to build trustworthy relationships to get your app discovered. This step is very crucial as it builds trust. When the apps make it to the app store, you can ask them to talk about your app on their website, blog, twitter feed or even review your app for you.

3. Have a long-term Marketing Vision

Mobile app marketing is a long-term process that must be continued even after launching the app. Ideally, an app marketing campaign has three phases viz Pre Launch, Launch and Post launch. So campaign begins before the app release and continues long after its launch. The marketing efforts must be creative to make your app stand out of crowd and shouldn’t be stopped as it will compete with more apps on a daily basis. Be the number choice for your target audience.

But in addition to these foolproof mantras, there are a bunch of tips that entrepreneurs can exploit as part of mobile app marketing strategy to reap what they have sowed for.

App Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most Useful App Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Email and Social Media Marketing – The Road Less Taken

Email marketing might sound old school, but it’s not obsolete and can be effectively used for driving traffic, converting leads to users and building advocacy. Create a newsletter that offers useful and valuable information to your potential users and ultimately incline them to download your app.

Although not very popular, Facebook can help acquire mobile app installs through Facebook’s advertising platform when you set up a Facebook ad campaign for your mobile app.

Similarly, promoted tweets can highly drive mobile app downloads when setting up strategically. One can start with low investment and test various keyword segments and then ramp up what drives the best cost per acquisitions.

2. App Tweaking through Viral Mechanics and Microsites

Marketing can also be built into your app in the form of viral mechanics. Make sure your app is trendy or catchy enough to encourage social sharing to other user’s social profiles. Your app can become “trending” or go viral when one user refers to two more users or so.

A microsite can pave the way to a whole lot of marketing possibilities when app stores and app magazines get extremely competitive to get your app visible. Build a microsite, apply traditional web tactics, make some SEO around it to increase the drive, and thereby downloads every month.

3. Do not overlook the power of ASO

Apple’s app store and Google Play store have the power to prioritize your apps based on many ranking factors (ratings, tags, screenshots, app title, download data etc.) App’s title is the most important ranking factor when it comes to app store optimization. Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to find out which terms and phrases are relevant and apt for your app search on the mobile.

4. Widen your Networking through Ads

Although mobile-specific ad networks are associated with mixed opinions, some good ones are iAds, AdMob and Mojiva.

Reddit advertising is a high-quality ad network that is ridiculously cheap. Create your ad campaigns and promote your app on niche social networks such as Reddit or Quora.

Another option would be Google’s display network to run your ads on specific websites that support Google Ads.

One of the best parts about having a microsite is that you can utilize retargeting to run ads on Facebook, Google, or any Google Ads supporting website. Retargeting directs the ads to people who have already caught a glimpse of your app but haven’t downloaded yet. As you are only advertising to those who are already interested in your app (or the features it has), these ads can convert visitors into users very well.

5. Ensure Sufficient Investment for Better Returns

App success isn’t a set it and forget it thing; it’s a long-term process. You have to envision the whole journey of the app and allocate sufficient budget, keeping all its phases in mind.

Also, deploy a knowledgeable team for the creation and maintenance of the app.

Apps are an incredible and powerful marketing tool that requires a larger resource allocation and at least 7- 9 % budget allocation. Once you come up with a marketing budget to provide your app with enough resources, you need to thoroughly plan how this budget will be utilized. As advertisement campaigns and promotions are creative, engaging and moreover ongoing, plan your dollars accordingly without running out of money before the year ends. Make sure your app’s visibility gets a push all year round and especially during the holiday season.

6. Reviews Do Matter

Reviews can be a big part of app store optimization and at the same time drive people to download your app. For app’s success, you will have to find a natural and effective way to drive reviews in a way that won’t set off Google or Apple spam filters. Always give your users a valuable reward in the form of free credits or an extended subscription for their app review.

If done in a proper manner, Guest posting can also be an effective way of increasing mobile app installs. Craft a strategy based on your user’s interests when it comes to publications your users follow.

It’s always advisable to choose famous publications such as Mashable, the Huffington Post etc rather than the niche publications. Because Mashable is known to generate more traffic and awareness and is equivalent to 10- 15 guest posts on niche sites.

Make use of Google Analytics for authentic reviews and feedbacks. Pay attention to the ratings and user’s feedback as they give ideas on how to improvise and upgrade your app.

7. Focusing on Consistent Improvement fetches Prolific Results

Always look out for apps flaws and make it a point to resolve technical glitches if any. Keep an eye on customer’s queries and update the apps regularly. Announce the new releases to keep the users hooked.

Closely watch how your app is performing in relation to other apps and study the bad ones as they give you heads up on the “don’ts”.
Keep your eyes open because observation is the key here. Follow the latest app trends and standards for popularizing your app.

Final words

So, it is now loud and clear that mobile apps are not just for namesake, but are a key platform for the marketing and success of companies. This begs for a deeper understanding of the impacts these apps can have on driving brand loyalty and increasing ROIs and generating traffic in app stores.

Few key strategies and a handful of tips are talked here but if you are an entrepreneur and have dreams of making your app big, prepare yourself to face the harsh and ruthless markets, push your boundaries and take the plunge. Playing safe won’t get you anywhere.

Most Useful App Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

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