Mobile User Acquisition strategies

So you have taken the time to develop an innovative, exciting smartphone app that you are convinced deserves a shot at glory. The debugging is complete, the app is ready for distribution and you’ve finally taken the time to step away from your computer and ask what is arguably the most important question which will determine the success or failure of your mobile app: “How do I get my app in front of consumers?”

After all, even the best app can suffer a humiliating defeat in the app marketplace if consumers truly don’t know it exists! With that in mind, it is easy to understand why mobile user acquisition has become such a hot topic amongst app owners today, particular those who are operating in smaller teams and may not be able to benefit from the lofty marketing budgets of more established companies.

Believe it or not, there are a number of mobile user acquisition strategies that can be deployed quickly, easily and at little to no cost to yourself which are all but guaranteed to enable positive growth in terms of PR, organic search and general visibility. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and widely accepted mobile user acquisition strategies which we believe will allow you to immediately begin improving your position in the app marketplace.

Mobile User Acquisition Strategy #1: App Store Optimization

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take the time needed to properly optimize your app store presence. This should under no circumstances be considered a ‘luxury’ or unnecessary act. In fact, App Store Optimization – or the lack of – can make the difference between considerable success or failure in the app industry at large by increasing your mobile user acquisition. Think about it this way. With the large number of apps being released into the marketplace on a near daily basis, many consumers are inundated with options when they find their way to the app store. Take your app to the top and win users.

Not only can optimization help ensure that your product finds its way to the front of search results pages more often, but it can also assist in communicating to your customers that your business and the product you have created deserve more attention and improve your mobile user acquisition strategy. Optimization involves far more than merely created a keyword rich description on your app page. Take the time to find professional photographs and videos which you can use to complement your app’s text description. The non-text media you choose should be of a very high quality and should emphasize key selling points of your product, be it a sharp UI or a wide complement of functions and capabilities.

Mobile User Acquisition Strategy #2: Referral programs

Believe it or not, referral programs have proven their worth time and time again in the app arena and the mobile user acquisition sector, particular with new apps that may or may not have a large embedded customer base. By creating lucrative incentives for customers, you can all but guarantee that fans of your app will work diligently to recruit new users and spread the word about just how exciting your mobile app really is. You can think of these individuals as ‘app evangelists’ – individuals who aren’t afraid to meet new people and facilitate positive discussion about your product.

Find a particular incentive package which encourages individuals to assist you with your promotion but will continue to yield positive financial dividends for you so your mobile user acquisition strategy increases its good results. Although it may be tempting to ‘bribe’ referrals with overly generous compensation schemes, remember that the primary goal of these referrals is to boost your visibility. If you’re still only breaking even with an army of referrers, the chances are good that you’re compensating them at an unsustainable or inefficient level.

Mobile User Acquisition Strategy #3: Use notifications and promotions generously

Once you’ve convinced an individual to download your app, the next step is to ensure that they continue to use your product and help improve your overall visibility and revenue. Push notifications are an excellent way to break through the layering barriers that sometimes occur on smartphone apps and directly capture the attention of the phone user. By including promotions within your push notification schemes, there is a good chance that you can rapidly improve your user engagement and user acquisition, particularly if you are offering a generous reward within your promotion scheme. Try coupling your promotion tools with your referral program in order to see if you can rapidly activate and deploy both new and returning referees.

This, essentially, is the most important and attractive element of push notifications. Using this important tool, you can obtain a consistently reliable tool through which important messages and other content can immediately find its way to phone users. No longer will you have to haggle with automated emails or any other form of indirect notification. Instead, push notifications move immediately to connect Point A to Point B and ensure that your message reaches phone users, regardless of where they may currently be. That being said, it is also important to keep in mind that phone users can still choose to disable push notifications on their device if they want to. Planning for alternative communication means in addition to the push notification can help ensure that you don’t “put all of your eggs in one basket” when it comes to communication.

Mobile User Acquisition Strategy #4: Social marketing

No matter how sophisticated or high tech your marketing apparatus may be, there is virtually no reason why you should not be deploying social media marketing in addition to whatever referral programs/promotions your team decides to launch to improve your mobile user acquisition strategy. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter account, or just about anything in between, keeping yourself engaged with users outside of the app marketplace can dramatically improve your organic search levels and help you attract new users in a way that is far more natural and likely than via the app store. With that in mind, we recommend that you develop a concise and realistic social media posting schedule that your team can stick to during both lag times as well as busy periods.

With these mobile user acquisition strategies in mind, it is our belief that you can rapidly begin to improve your app visibility and ensure an even brighter future for your app. If you have any additional questions, we strongly encourage you to create ‘case studies’ of industry leaders in your specific niche and assess how and when they deploy various acquisition tools.

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