Mobile marketing strategies and tips

Mobile marketing strategies and tips

If you are like many app owners and app marketers out there, the world of mobile marketing represents a vast frontier of seemingly endless possibility and – simultaneously – endless challenges.

After all, it can be difficult to know where to begin when there’s a virtually endless slew of opportunities and tools at your disposal to promote your mobile app. To whom should you be communicating your app features, and how should you reach your users? These are questions that all mobile marketing companies should be asking.

That being said, it goes without saying that mobile marketing is an absolute “must-do” strategy for app owners across a wide array of industries and sectors. If you are marketing a new mobile app on mobile, you can quickly begin to benefit from the myriad of perks that mobile marketing offers.

With that in mind, we have designed this guide to provide a brief overview of some of the most important and popular techniques that mobile marketers use on a daily basis. No matter where you may be in your current marketing setup, you can benefit from the information provided here.


Although you may be approaching mobile marketing for the first time, the truth is that that particular industry has been booming for a long time! In fact, mobile shopping represents the majority of online commerce taking place today. A wide collection of statistics now show that mobile marketing offers significant return in terms of organic search, user conversion and customer confidence. By staying in touch with the latest industry trends, you can help communicate to customers that you are intent on presenting the most informed and polished version of your app to them. No matter which way you look at it, staying up-to-date is an absolute must.

With these ideas in mind, we first recommend mobile marketing companies to identify key competitors/colleagues in your respective industry who are using mobile marketing to their advantage. What specific tools are they using, and how are they communicating their message? By answering these questions, you can begin to craft an efficient and effective plan which maximized your return on investment (ROI) at a rapid pace.


Where does your target demographic spend their time in the mobile app arena? Do they prefer to interact over social media, or are they simply using their phones to browse and shop without further engagement? Knowing the answer to these questions can help you determine the best possible deployment strategies in the app market. If, for example, your target audience shares extensively over social media, you may consider doing the bulk of your advertising on mobile social platforms, such as Facebook. Likewise, this would also imply that you should equip your website and mobile app with a variety of social sharing opportunities. Creating easily identifiable pathways through which your customers can engage with your mobile tools will ensure that they are used and frequented as often as possible.

We strongly recommend you research various methods by which mobile marketing companies are adapting traditional digital promotional platforms, such as email, so that they can be more easily assessed and digested by mobile audiences. With this idea in mind, it is fair to say that mobile marketing will likely also influence each of the distinctively non-mobile marketing tools in your portfolio. The more you can expand and diversify your mobile marketing strategy, however, the more diverse and in-depth your general promotional reach will be.


Mobile marketing brings with it its own inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example, it is common knowledge that text heavy websites fare significantly worse in mobile environments that multimedia oriented platforms.

You should consider these factors when you begin crafting mobile advertisements and other promotional tools. Make sure that your advertising tools are leveraging the attributes of the environment in which you are participating. Don’t expect to fundamentally alter the paradigm of mobile advertising at any point, no matter how groundbreaking or innovative you think your mobile app may be. Adhering to the established conventions of mobile marketing will – at the onset – help ensure you gain much needed traction that can later be leveraged to help you craft a more individual statement over time.


Whether you are using your mobile marketing tactics for B2B or B2C sales, the simple truth remains that mobile marketing is an extremely crowded field. Gone are the days when simply having a website for your app would set you apart from your peers. A rigid discipline and consistency are now needed in order to ensure that your mobile marketing reaps the benefits you feel you deserve.


Although we have our own series of “tried and true” recommendations for mobile marketing, the truth is that there is no specific “method” for promoting your brand or identity to the public over mobile devices. In fact, it is quite likely that there are countless pathways to success in this arena that lend themselves to equally beneficial results over time.

With this in mind, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of competitor research and A/B testing. Explore multiple ‘scenarios’ of ad and promotional deployment in order to see what leads to the best possible results which you have defined through your list of what constitutes ‘successful’ marketing for your app.

Again, the point must be made that mobile marketing, like any field, is quite fluid and may provide certain individuals enhances returns over others. That being said, there is virtually no reason not to believe that even a preliminary-stage mobile marketing campaign can augment your visibility and reach significantly.

Mobile marketing is a fast growing field that is taking the world by storm. If you are serious about making an excellent impression with your mobile app, there is no better way to do so than with a polished and well thought-out mobile marketing plan. The future truly is bright with mobile marketing tools at your disposal.

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Mobile marketing strategies and tips

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