Mobile marketing campaigns that will help your app

Mobile marketing campaigns that will help your app

With the advances in technology in the recent years, the marketing industry has seen a huge revolution. While, about a couple of decades ago, radio and newspaper advertisements were the most common form a marketing campaign would take, today businesses focus a great deal on mobile marketing campaigns. One reason for this is that smartphones have become ubiquitous and an important part of our life, about 80% of the users engage with their mobile apps at least 15 times in a day.

Before moving forward, we need to determine exactly what mobile marketing campaigns are. Mobile marketing campaigns companies run these campaigns to help their clients advertise on different mobile applications, in order to gain popularity, and increase their number of installs and their usage rates for the advertised mobile apps. Research emphasizes that such campaigns are a result of the dependence on mobile integration, and ever-increasing smartphone penetration rates.

You often may see free rewards in a game just by watching a video, or other rewards being offered to download an application, discounts or free shipping. This is what these mobile marketing campaigns companies do for an earning. They create an environment for different app companies to work together and develop brand partnerships through advertising.


Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, businesses relied on newspapers, televisions, and radios to advertise their products and services. However, today, portable and mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets account for more than 50% of the internet use. This consumption rate is expected to go up to 75% by the end of 2017 according to different mobile marketing campaigns companies.

Because more than half of the traffic on the internet today is mobile, and as internet as well as these devices have become more accessible to the average citizen, marketing budgets have increased in accordance. Mobile marketing campaigns companies are allocating as much as 49% of their digital marketing budget. This was especially emphasized by the growth in the mobile ad allocation of 50% between 2014 and 2015. This figure is projected to reach close to 80% by 2019. While previously the expenditure on mobile based ads was $ 40.5 billion, this expenditure is expected to increase to $ 65 billion by 2020. This immense growth is expected to occur through the following changes in the economic trends.

Retail companies are recently investing heavily in technology, developing apps for their customers, to check for various products and to get the best deals for themselves. As the shopping practices are now developing, retailers are re-thinking their strategies, by establishing brand partnerships, and allowing for customers to get weekly, or daily discounts on new products every day.

Moreover, video ads have become widely popular on mobile phones, particularly for mobile applications, allowing the ad viewer to get a better idea of what the app is all about, and the graphics, resulting in a greater likelihood of the target audience downloading the app. Perhaps this is why by the end of 2017, mobile marketing campaigns companies expect the video ad spending to reach $ 6 billion.

At the present, people are now so reliant on their smartphones and mobile technology that you simply cannot be a successful business without an online presence. This is why mobile marketing overlaps social media marketing to a great extent, allowing for a more personalized experience for the user. For the purpose of conducting successful mobile marketing campaigns, companies are now investing in research, as well as personalization of the ads, and targeting just the specific group or niche, having the maximum impact.


In this segment of digital marketing, that is under mobile marketing, the competition has gotten intense as more and more businesses look to get their brands and apps advertised through mobile marketing campaigns. However, when it comes to the market leaders, and the best firms in the mobile marketing campaigns industry, these 5 companies are definitely on the list.

AD4SCREENAD4SCREEN began its operations in 2010, and was one of the pioneers of the mobile marketing industry. It is based in France, and has customers all around the world. While the company specializes in campaigns focusing on mobile advertising, increasing user engagement rates and in campaigns to create branding, the company provides several other services as well, such as providing mobile app analytics, improving mobile app install rates, promoting mobile apps, mobile user acquisition, mobile app tracking and mobile App Store Optimization.
AppnextAppnext is an Israel based company with over 650 million users all around the world. This is a platform for users to discover new apps through a customized interface, showing app preferences depending on the user’s demographics, interests and previous downloads. Appnext targets mostly large and medium businesses who wish to increase their app installs. They specialize in mobile marketing services, such as mobile app promotion, mobile app discovery and mobile marketing campaigns.
SekindoSekindo is a creation of the Universal McCann media agency, with its headquarters in Israel. Sekindo comes highly recommended, being certified by Google, and validated by companies such as DoubleVerify and IAB Compliant. Sekindo helps its client achieve their targets through its propriety SSP and DSP technology, which helps in maximizing yield optimization. Universal McCann resources allow clients to increase their online traffic, and thus are able to monetize this traffic.
Sekindo provides many services pertaining to mobile marketing, including advertising, creating mobile ad networks, helping promote mobile applications, and acquiring mobile users. Their clients include Mashable, Softonics and SpotX.
BidmotionBidmotion provides a platform for a mobile based market automation, with a primary focus on optimizing direct response processes as well as customer acquisitions. It is a leading innovator in the industry, generating insights and information to empower mobile marketers.
Based in France, this mobile marketing innovator provides several advertising services, and is a trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Uber, Yelp, badoo, King and Lyft.
Bitter StrawberryThis mobile advertising network provides one of the best services in the world for attracting mobile traffic. The aim for Bitter Strawberry is to maximize profits for its clients with 3 mobile traffic moneymaking concepts, that you as an affiliate marketer, newbie or experienced, can immediately start running offers with them. You get all the tools you need to monetize up to 99,9% of your traffic. No matter which is more suited for you, you will have everything in house: performance, highest conversion direct offers, optimization and last, but not least, custom guidance from experienced Affiliate Managers. And everything is for free.


Mobile marketing campaigns companies are very useful because they help you achieve results, minimizing costs of advertising, while maximizing and earning revenues for the advertiser. In order to use them effectively, businesses need to, foremost, have clearly defined goals as to what they wish to achieve from the mobile marketing campaign. Moreover, investing in location-based marketing can be more beneficial because, whether small firms or large businesses, the preferences of people vary across geographical regions, thus a location based approach is the way to go about it.

Another way to take the most out of mobile marketing is leveraging the mobile device’s unique features. Features such as 360 degree view can help app owners to attract more customers when done right. Incentivizing your target audience can also be a way to go through creating strong brand partnerships. This can be done to increase traffic and installs, as well as to create brand awareness, providing long term benefits to the businesses. Mobile app owners can also indulge in mobile marketing campaigns to earn revenues through advertising as hosts for these campaigns.


There is a great potential for growth for mobile marketing campaign companies, as well as through them. Businesses have been able to gain brand recognition and establish themselves in various markets through mobile marketing campaigns mostly.

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