Mobile apps and press releases: us the information to gain visibility

Mobile apps and press releases: us the information to gain visibility
Over the past few years, press releases have gained an immense amount of prominence as a way to effectively promote mobile apps. It is an official statement issued to media personnel in order to make them aware of an upcoming related event. This event could either be the launch of the app or an update regarding the status of the mobile app.

Successfully securing media coverage is difficult due to the massive competition. Well written, properly formatted press releases are a way to ensure that the mobile app gets the attention it needs. App press releases increase the chances that newspapers and media personnel will take an interest in the app. This in turn will generate a substantial amount of buzz amongst the app’s target audience.

In the statement, mobile app press release companies will outline the app’s key features, giving readers an insight into its design. It also provides updates on the app’s launch. It is not uncommon to include a video in the press release, that gives a demonstration of the app.

It can target professionals or all publics, this is why it is always good to request two different types of press releases to a mobile app press release company. If it targets professionals, the press release will use specific, technical language that is uncommon in publicity flyers released. It should also contain a number of keywords, as this helps to keep the PR and subsequent publicity in line with the app’s marketing campaign.

Why is a mobile app press release essential?

It’s very important that the press release is not sidelined during the apps pre-launch publicity campaign.

As shown in a 2014 comScore Report, users are spending 65% of their ‘digital media time’ on their mobile, with 51% of that time being spent using a variety of apps. In order to attract attention, generate sales and maintain popularity the app marketing company must grab the attention of the people. A press release helps to do this by targeting the media, who has influence over the thoughts and perceptions of the public.

According to IBtimes, the Apple Apps store is growing by 1,000 apps every day, with TechCrunch reporting that the App Store downloads are up by 15%. This is why press releases are an essential part of a company’s publicity campaign. They ensure that your app receives the attention it needs. If you are able to grab the attention of the ‘right’ people, your sales will rise exponentially.

People need to be aware of your app, or else they will not look for it and your sales will drop significantly. This is why mobile app press release companies will make it a top priority.

How to write an effective press release

To successfully catch the reader’s attention, the writer of the app press release company will have to respect both the standard syntax and the rules of a press release. The media personnel will have a stack of them on their desk. So, it is important for you to ensure that they are given a well-structured press release. The essence of the statement must be restricted to two concise paragraphs. This makes it easy for the reporters, journalists and bloggers to skim through it and pick out the key elements and details related to the app. This will reduce the chances of the media personnel to:

  • Ignoring it entirely.
  • Missing an important point.
  • Providing coverage that is unflattering for your company.

Here is a list of rules and tips used by mobile app press release companies to catch the attention of the right people.

The press release must be factual. Due to their stature as an official statement, a press release does not have adjectives like ‘great’, ‘amazing’ and ‘outstanding’. They seem exaggerated and build the wrong impression of the company and its capabilities. The press release is a written statement to the media. It builds confidence in a mobile app by focusing on its key aspects such as the design, availability, pricing and its primary use. As such it needs to be honest, concise and easy to quote.

The press release must be newsworthy. This means that publicists need to find an angle that will grab the media’s attention. In a presentation at AltConf, editor in chief Eli Hodapp revealed that he dismisses pitches that include the words “it’s like [popular app], but…”. This is an important piece of information, as it focuses on the need for thought and individuality. These qualities will build confidence in the company, which will be reflected in the media’s coverage of your app product.

The angle chosen will depend on the app’s aim. However, it should be relevant and impactful. Mobile app press release companies will try to find something that reflects the trends at the time of the app’s release, showing how the app discussed is innovative and fresh.

A good mobile app press release will have an eye catching headline and an informative secondary one. These are crucial aspects of the press release as they are the first thing that the audience will read, so they must sum up the point and make them want to read on.

It will also contain:

  • The URL to the app store
  • The URL for the app landing page
  • The URL for the PressKit
  • The publicity agents contact details

In order to personalize the statement, companies will include a photo of the app in their press release. This helps the app, and the press release, stick in people’s minds.

The app press release professionals

The Harvard Business Review reveal that a company needs to have a strategy that is both striking and clear in order to attract the attention that they need.

This is why it’s important for a company to hire professional mobile app press release companies. They have the tools and the experience to issue a press release that is on point, and bound to grab the attention of the people that count. As professionals, they ensure that the time and effort that went into creating the app was not wasted.

Here are a list of the top 5 mobile app press release companies:

Mobiloitte Technologies

Established in 2004, the Asian based company, Mobiloitte is one of the best MobileFirms app press release companies. Their team of specialists is able to strategize and plan the app marketing, using a multi-channel approach to increase its coverage. Their focus on the need for widespread attention allows them to execute focused app marketing campaigns that reach the app’s target audience.

Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet was launched over 15 years ago, giving it plenty of experience as a marketing agency specialized. They focus on mobile app press releases, and can guarantee distribution to a number of top news agencies including Google, NBC, CBS and FOX. Their access to more than 250 media sites ensures that apps receive the coverage they need.


PreApps has created a discovery platform for beta testers; users are able to test Android, Apple and Windows apps before they are released. As such, they are able to offer extensive services to an app developing company or an app owner. These services include writing a well-structured app press release and aiding the developer in their social media marketing and App Store Optimization. Availing their services will also get the app worldwide exposure, being promoted to customers through the Miami Times, IBM, Google News and the Daily Herald.


As a mobile affiliate ad network, Appshout! helps app developers to publicize their app. They have helped companies like Puma, Ebay Australia and Red Bull Media House GmbH raise awareness for mobile apps before and after their release. An incredibly diverse company, Appshout! offers several packages to mobile app developers and app owners including one that focuses on targeting the media and influential sites with press releases. These websites include PC World, DailyTech and Mac News World.

App Promo

The specialist team at App Promo is able to do everything from creating an effective marketing strategy to app optimization. They joined the ranks of mobile app press release companies in 2010. Since their launch, they have helped companies like Viacom and Bandai Namco to create angles that meet their objectives while ensuring that their app is featured in the media.

These mobile app press release companies, along with many others, can help you to ensure that your app gets noticed in the media, and after that, the audience will know your app better than they know themselves.

Mobile apps and press releases: us the information to gain visibility

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