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Everything you need to know about mobile app analytics

The app industry is growing rapidly, making the competition amongst mobile app developing companies and app owners very fierce. In order to ensure that their app marketing is effective, companies make use of the analytics given to them by mobile app tracking companies. The benefit of the data that they acquire is made clear in the Aberdeen Group report. It revealed that companies that made use of such data experienced an 11.6% increase in their brands awareness, while those who didn’t saw a 12.9% decrease in it!



Mobile app tracking is a system that allows app owners to gain insight into their apps usage. The data collected by the mobile app tracking companies allows app developers to understand the user’s behavior, track the time that is spent using their app and record the number of times that the app crashes while in use. This allows them to be proactive in fixing any problems in their mobile app, upgrading it according to the latest trends and maintaining their users.


Mobile app developers will add a piece of code into the app which they aim to track. This code is known as the SDK (Software Development Kit), and it sends the apps data to a server which can then be analyzed. There are a number of SDKs at the developer’s disposal. They include Firebase Analytics from Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics and Adjust. It’s quite common for app developers to integrate a variety of software development kits into their tracking platforms rather than sticking to just one.

Once this is done, the mobile app development company can measure the number of app registrations taking place, track any in app purchases and keep an eye on mobile app events. The mobile app tracking companies will usually provide the clients with reports, making it easier for the app developer and app owner to monitor the public’s response to their app.

It’s important to note that mobile app tracking can be turned off by users. This is to protect their privacy, and is regulated by laws in a number of countries around the world. As is the fact that tracking should not record the IP address of their users.


App developers using Google Analytics in an Android app can benefit from the ease and efficiency that the tracking tools SDK provides. Google’s referral parameter allows mobile app tracking companies to track installation and registrations that are associated with their app.

Tracking IPhone apps is more complicated as Apple has yet to provide iOS app developers with a built in attribution mechanism. As such, it’s hard to track events within the Apple app store’s analytics. App owners with an iOS project can benefit from tracking platforms that are provided by third parties.


Mobile user acquisition is when companies use apps to gain new users. It’s a marketing strategy which works to capture the attention of a targeted audience and convince them to use a product or service. It’s incredibly important due to its role in raising brand awareness and increasing the company’s return on investments.

It’s also almost impossible to achieve without the systematic use of mobile app tracking as it eliminates the guesswork in user acquisition, creating a much more efficient process that can be budgeted and planned for. The data is used to derive trends amongst users, which mobile app tracking companies can use to craft the ad content, optimize the app store’s page and boost the number of app downloads.

According to Stephanie Pilon, a senior sales manager at Adjust, successful advertisers will measure their ‘audience value’ and allocate their marketing budget according to their return on investment. They will check if the ROI is in the revenue they make not just the number of users they successfully attract.

In order to do both, companies with a mobile app have increased their mobile advertising spending. eMarketer reports that this spending has increased by a total of 105% worldwide, accounting for one fourth of the money spent on digital advertising.

Tracking analytics is accepted for its role in successful advertising. Despite this, it wasn’t popular amongst app developer until recently. Members of the app community who sideline this important part of app marketing strategy risk ceding their sales to a serious competitor.

Mobile app tracking has many benefits, one of which is gaining real time information regarding user’s behavior. This allows mobile app developers to solve issues in the app’s performance and update it with features that the consumers’ wants.

The analytics also help companies to measure their return on investment. Companies will measure the significant mobile metrics across a variety of form factors, providing insight into the usage of the mobile app, and allowing the client to adjust future investments accordingly.

This data also allows app developers to make informed decisions. They can understand why the app competitors are dropping certain apps or choosing to make specific updates, giving their decisions a data driven edge. This gives companies the ability to optimize their advertising campaigns, making certain that you are targeting areas which will be attractive to users. It’s important to realize that even if companies use all the marketing strategies under the sun, without mobile app tracking they won’t monitor the effectiveness of their campaign.

Interestingly, mobile app tracking companies and tools also allow clients to prevent app fraud. Tracking an app gives developers a way of keeping a record of the changes made to their app’s structure, preventing a danger that is fairly widespread.


Mobile app tracking companies serve as a third party, analyzing the app data to pinpoint the latest trends and create reports for the app owners.

Appszoom is a discovery platform that hires a range of experts to conduct mobile analytics. Their personnel produce reports on the public’s interests every day, providing regular data driven feedback to the app developers that employ their services. The tracking company is based in Spain. It offers a range of services to app owners including app analysis, campaign strategy advice, advertising monetization and App Store Optimization.
TheTool is an App Store Optimization tool that has extensive tracking capabilities. It’s ability to produce analysis on the frequency of the apps installations as well as its ratings, revenue and ranking is highly beneficial for mobile advertising professionals. TheTool uses a range of tools that are simple, enabling entrepreneurs to analyze the effectiveness of their strategy without a deep knowledge and understanding of ASO.
AppFigures is a complete analytics platform. Appfigures is designed to aggregate data from a range of sources. It has a dashboard that contains thorough customized reports, for app owners to access at any time. In order to protect their client’s identity, and any classified information regarding the mobile app, AppFigures has an extensive privacy policy which prevents your data from being sold to a third party.
AppBoy is, In the world of mobile marketing, known as a SaS (Software as a service) and it is utilized by brands who wish to extend their user acquisition capabilities. The process adopted by this licensing model has three steps; analyze and profile the target audience, gather data regarding each customer through a third party API, and then send them a customized push notification message to increase the clients brand awareness. AppBoy is based in NewYork, though they have offices in London and San Francisco.
Sensor Tower offers companies data driven insights into their ASO efforts. As a mobile app analytics tool, it conducts targeted market research on a daily basis, benefiting from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store revenue estimates that the company receives in advance.

These are just a few of the mobile app tracking companies for app owners to choose from, their aim is to help their clients to maximize their profits and gain an edge against competitors!

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