Mobile app promotion companies to bring your app to the top

Mobile app promotion companies to bring your app to the top

Most of our lives are now encompassed by mobile apps, with 90% of all mobile usage time being in applications, and with the specialization in these mobile apps, there is virtually, an app, or rather a variety of applications, for everything, from getting directions to socializing, from finding a partner, to killing free time with countless means of entertainment. The large variety can make it hard for consumers to choose the mobile app they find is most suitable. However, for each category, there are some apps that stand out from the rest, and have the most downloads, are the most used, and are, in turn, generating the largest amount of income.

They could be known as the ‘mainstream’ mobile apps in their genre. If you are an independent app developer, you may find some difficulty in getting your mobile app to be noticed by the general public since it will not be very high on the ranks due to the high spots already being taken up by more popular apps.

You will have to take some measures to try and get your mobile app promotion through to the public to maximize the amount of downloads and in turn, further increase the app’s popularity and therefore income. For this specific task, mobile app promotion companies set a particular target population and aim to attract them. The app promotion firms promote the applications through social media, news, or other means on the internet.

In the year 2015, mobile ad spending accounted for 49% of all digital advertising spending, with a whopping $28.7 billion, and it has only increased from there. It is predicted that by 2019, the amount of money spent on mobile ads will be $65.8 billion, and it will make up 72.2% of all digital ads. This shows how mobile ads are a trend that will only keep getting bigger in the near future, and that this way of advertising is efficient, popular, and obviously according to the target audience of the mobile app, since mobile ads get through to people who own or regularly use mobile phones.

The word of mouth for the app promotion companies

There is said to be a direct correlation between mobile app promotion and higher degree of consumer loyalty to the mobile company. In other words, if mobile app promotion companies are successful in convincing their target market that the apps that they have introduced are highly efficient and useful, more and more people will inevitably be encouraged to stick with this particular mobile company.

As a result of increased popularity due to a sharp increase in demand for these new and engaging apps, the mobile app companies’ profits will invariably rise. Financially speaking, therefore, mobile app promotion companies do a lot to establish the company’s reputation among successful mobile companies. Perhaps more importantly, app promotion fosters loyalty which in turn enhances the app’s reputation and allows it to grow and expand further. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that an unsuccessful promotional app campaign may actually be harmful for the mobile company. This is because it would be spending on something which offers no valuable return and thus profits are likely to decrease significantly. In general, however, because mobile app promotion companies tend to have a positive impact on the app’s company as a whole, they are becoming increasingly popular as they are rewarding. It can be said that mobile app promotion companies developed over the years because of the increase in profit associated with them.

Who are the top 5 promotion companies in this sector?

The top 5 mobile app promotion companies includes AD4screen, Winclap, Bidmotion, Appular and Gowide.

AD4screenAD4screen was set up in 2010 and since then has attained a reputation that is unparalleled. Ever since its inception, it has assisted app companies with identifying the most suitable target audience and how to deliver to them. Its specialties lie predominantly in mobile advertising, user engagement and branding campaigns. Nestle or Europcar, among other renowned companies, rely on AD4screen for their efficient mobile app promotion.
BidmotionBidmotion developed in Paris as a company which endeavored to promote mobile apps. Such has been the roaring success of Bidmotion that it now has a global clientele. It gathers data globally, breaks it down into regions and then analyses them to benefit its clients by allowing them to better understands their target market and what they really want. It offers a wide array of services ranging from mobile advertising to mobile marketing to mobile DSP and much more! Uber among other noticeable companies have sought Bidmotion’s help in these regards.
WinclapWinclap believes in effective and efficient advertising and marketing and has built a strong reputation. With clients such as Burger King, Winclap invariably has to keep quality and efficiency in mind and it achieves this through its friendly yet professional approach. Winclaps ultimate aim is user engagement and for this it has set up a system that allows the app client to find the correct audience for the company.
AppularAppular is a highly professional mobile app marketing agency based in New York. It has sufficient experience and expertise to enable mobile app owners to launch and expand extremely profitable mobile apps. Like the other mobile app promotion companies, Appular also offers a wide range of services. It specializes in media marketing and app press releases. Clients like Adidas clearly show that Appular is successfully performing its tasks.
GOWIDEGOWIDE is internationally known for its vast experience in marketing and the effective advertising tools that the company uses to attract audiences and therefore generate higher profits for its clients. Gowide’s own platform is used by advertisers to bid on.

How can a mobile app promotion company be helpful?

Mobile app promotion companies not only allow you to identify your target audience but also enable you to comprehend their likes and dislikes. This invariably comes in handy during the app marketing phase. These app promotion companies can device or suggest specifically tailored advertising campaigns that will best suit your needs and attract more and more people to your mobile app. As a result, your app profits will increase and therefore a greater opportunity to expand and grow will be presented.

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Mobile app promotion companies to bring your app to the top

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