Mobile app monetization key factors

Mobile app monetization key factors

Now that the app marketplace has become a dominant force in the world of smartphones and consumer electronics at large, a growing number of business owners are seeking out creative methods for developing recurring income from their app projects that extend far beyond the initial purchase of the product itself. App monetization is fast becoming a ‘hot topic’ amongst app owners across a broad array of specializations and niches, due in large part to the immense potential this particular activity may hold when it comes to boosting business income and revenue.

Given the immense competition in app marketplaces today, it takes a combination of strategy, hard work and luck in order to ensure that your monetization efforts reap their intended rewards. That being said, developing a solid platform on which your app monetization efforts will occur can help ensure that this process goes as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. With that in mind, we’ve created this brief guide in order to help you, business owners, better understand how you can structure your app to promote the highest possible levels of user engagement and, consequently, app monetization. With this information, you should have the knowledge you need to begin improving your monetization strategies almost immediately. Good luck!


Although the speed at which smartphone apps have taken over the consumer electronics industry is somewhat staggering, the concept of monetization is nothing knew. In fact, businesses have been monetizing products for decades. Simply put, the process of monetization can be thought of as the means by which consumers are encouraged to continually invest in a product or service long after their initial purchase. One of the most classic forms of app monetization that can be found today is the subscription model. Here, customers are only given access to a product on the condition that they continually make monthly payments for it. Basically, usage rights ends when money is no longer spent.

Yet another popular form of app monetization can be found in the in-app purchase paradigm, a model which sounds as if it derived exclusively from the world of smartphones, but is actually an evolution of the classic ‘upcharge’ scenario. Here, consumers are given access to the ‘base model’ of a product with their purchase, while simultaneously being encouraged to invest in an upcharge in order to access an enhanced set of functions or perks that are related to the product in question.

The logic is as follows: since consumers have already invested significantly in the product in question, they won’t hesitate to invest a significantly smaller amount in an upcharge in order to boost their enjoyment of their initial payment. This is a model that has worked immensely well for businesses around the globe, and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

Of course, the process of monetization doesn’t always imply consumer-side engagement. Selling advertising space within an app – or, in more traditional scenarios, within a magazine or TV program, is another form of monetization, albeit one in which businesses are seeking additional revenue from other companies. This can be summarized as follows: businesses are willing to invest in the monetization efforts of one company so that they will appear more present with that company’s client base, so they add their banners or ads on the app, and the app owner can monetize this action. In the bulk of scenarios, such tactics have been shown to pay off quite well.


Although you may already have ideas about how you can begin monetizing your app, we strongly encourage you to seek out the assistance of trained professionals and companies, many of whom have years of experience in this particular field. Here are brief overviews of five of the most important app monetization companies in operation today:

TapjoyBased in the United States, Tapjoy is a medium-sized company that employs over 200 highly trained monetization and promotional experts. Tapjoy has made a name for itself by offering outstanding results at affordable prices for small to medium-sized businesses.
ChartboostLocated in San Francisco and the Netherlands, Chartboost currently hosting an international client portfolio across a broad range of industries and specializations. Mobile advertising and mobile app monetization are core areas of focus at this acclaimed company.
MoPubA Twitter company, MoPub often collaborates with app publishers and mobile app development companies in order to craft bespoke promotional campaigns that truly represent the needs and budgets of their clients. With offices in the United States, England and Singapore, MoPub is poised to capture a sizeable bulk of business thanks to their outstanding service and professionalism.
ZeroparkAccording to the Financial Times, ZeroPark is the second fastest growing company in Europe. This could be explained by their rapid, no-nonsense approach to app promotion and monetization which all but guarantees that customers are getting an outstanding rate at all times. ZeroPark will likely soon be a major player within this ever-evolving industry.
InwizardsWith offices throughout Asia and the United States, Inwizards is making it quite clear that they intend to leave an international footprint on this particular business. The company’s sterling reputation for performance and expediency speaks volumes about the quality of its employees.


So, why is this information useful? Knowing how to derive a sustainable income from your smartphone app may make the difference between a ‘sink or swim’ scenario for your employees. Everyone enjoys a stable paycheck, which is why we could not emphasize enough why it is so important to craft a compelling app monetization strategy with the right company as soon as you can. The right app monetization strategies can result in regular income from users whose loyalty to your product is all but guaranteed thanks to well crafted monetization schemes by app monetization companies. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your results!

Without a solid knowledge of your consumer demographic, capturing the attention (and wallets!) of these individuals will be harder than it seems. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to research the specific demographic details of the individuals who are purchasing your app prior to app monetization efforts. Knowing the detailed characteristics of these individuals will help you develop the right monetization strategy that keeps your customers entertained, engaged and loyal to your product. No matter what strategy you choose, you’ll need to remember that success won’t come overnight. It takes time to secure a substantial return on investment with app monetization, which is why we encourage you to find an app monetization company – perhaps one of those listed above – who can help you streamline and optimize your workflow in order to create the most efficient app monetization scheme possible. Good luck with your app.

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Mobile app monetization key factors

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