Mobile app marketing: a brief guide to a powerful service

Mobile app marketing: a brief guide to a powerful service

Many mobile app developers justly deserve a solid round of applause and congratulations following the completion of a new mobile app. That being said, transitioning from creating an app to actively selling an app is a process which takes an equivalent amount of hard work and dedication. Given the immense overcrowding of the app marketplace today, app developers and app owners can no longer rely on innovation and technological sophistication alone to ‘sell’ their product.

A savvy marketing strategy has been the staple of many successful businesses for decades. Now, more than ever before, app owners are being forced to confront the challenges of mobile marketing in order to ensure that their hard work reaps its benefits. Fortunately, there are a growing number of services springing into existence designed to help those whose talents may be more in tune with computer code than social media. The mobile app marketing industry has blossomed in conjunction with the ever growing popularity of smartphone technology and the burgeoning app marketplace. Simply put, these mobile app marketing companies help their clients develop app marketing strategies, which typically involve a variety of different advertising tactics, including mobile advertising, mobile ad networks, mobile affiliates, SEO, mobile DSP, mobile social advertising, mobile app monetization, ASO, app reviews, app installs, mobile app promotion, mobile retargeting, app discovery, app press releases, user acquisition, and app analytics like testing or tracking.

With these ideas in mind, we’ve created this brief guide in order to provide our readers and app creatorswith a broad overview of the mobile marketing industry, including valuable information on the world’s best mobile app marketing companies in business today. Whether you are interested in tackling this process yourself, or are preparing a budget in order to invest in the services of trained professionals, we wish you the best of luck.


How would you define the process of app marketing? Ask any working industry professional, and the answer will likely be the following: placing your app in front of a large a crowd of as many likely buyers as possible. Note that the goal is not to simply blanket the web with your product, but rather to ensure that the ‘right’ person discovers it. This is an important distinction that must always be observed. Remember that the vast majority of online audiences will have no interest in your app. That being said, by carefully filtering internet users based upon online activity and a host of demographic tools, it is possible to create a profile of a ‘likely’ buyer who will be more interested in investing in your product.

One of the most important strategies that mobile app marketing companies engage is consumer behavior patterns. Whether it’s understanding how mobile device choices affect purchasing decisions or analyzing how specific clickthroughs on homepages may influence sales conversion, mobile app marketing rely upon these types of data metrics in order to construct the aforementioned customer ‘profile’ which can then be used for the foreseeable future as a mean of quickly assessing who might be more inclined to download or purchase your app.

This, of course, brings us to the next most valuable function of mobile app marketing companies, that being the creation and deployment of mobile advertising. Once a profile for likely consumers is created, mobile app marketing companies can then ascertain quickly which social networks, forums, publications and other media platforms will produce a viable return on investment with advertising. Instead of merely tossing money into a generic promotional campaign that doesn’t provide a clear indication of who you are targeting, mobile app marketing companies can make the internet feel like a much smaller place full of likely buyers!

Mobile app marketing companies can also help you locate influencers – individuals who carry significant clout within the online arena who may be able to help you promote your product through a testimonial or other form of advertisement. Influencers have long served as a key form of advertisement, both in the online and real-world advertising arena. Such tactics are a powerful complement to whatever additional marketing tactics you may be deploying in order to boost your app sales. Connecting with the right influencer involves a combination of research, persistence and professionalism. Given the immense amount of attention placed on powerful influencers, mobile app marketing companies can help you better understand how to connect with these individuals and significantly improve the visibility of your product.


A discussion of mobile app marketing would be incomplete without a brief survey of the top operators in the industry today. Here are the top five mobile app marketing companies that will help app owners with their app marketing strategy:

Mobiloitte TechnologiesSpecializing in app analysis, competitor research, and app localization, among other valuable services, Mobiloitte Technologies has helped app creators around the world create a concise, informed marketing strategy that has helped boost their sales and user acquisition over time. Mobiloitte Technologies has crafted an esteemed reputation based upon years of successful operation.
LeadboltDelivering more than 10 billion advertisements per month, Leadbolt is deeply immersed in the world of mobile app advertising and are truly experts in the field. With a series of offices based in key metropolitan centers around the world, Leadbolt has quickly emerged as a leading industry figure with a keen eye for outstanding advertising. Notable clients include Disney, Tencent and Zynga.
Straight NorthWith offices across the United States, Straight North provides clients with access to a trove of powerful marketing related tools, focusing specifically on advanced targeting and lead generation. Straight North has also gained acclaim for their advanced SEO and mobile-based SEO strategies.
GummicubeNo marketing strategy is complete without a solid backbone of analytic data. This is precisely where Gummicube enters the picture. Based in San Jose, Gummicube helps clients develop an informed, tactically derived mobile marketing strategy based upon hard data captured with the world’s leading app analytic tools. Through the analysis of user behavior and search trends in different app stores, Gummicube can help you place your app in the hands of interested users as fast as possible.
AppularBased in New York City, Appular has created a turnkey approach to mobile app marketing which ensures that clients can move towards proactive gains in the app marketplace as quickly as possible. With clients such as Adidas and Capcom, Appular has made it clear that they are capable of helping leading international brands establish and maintain a tangible foothold in the world’s most competitive app marketplaces.


No matter which company you may choose for your mobile app marketing needs, we guarantee that taking the time to inform yourself on these processes will allow you to achieve better results in this domain over time. There’s virtually no limit to what can be accomplished with a grounded marketing strategy. Remember that, no matter how solid or informed your marketing strategy may be, your success will be determined by persistence and determination. Promotion is a process that takes time, no matter how much money you invest. We wish you the best of luck with your app!

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Mobile app marketing: a brief guide to a powerful service

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