Mobile affiliates companies to cater your app marketing needs

Mobile affiliates companies to cater your app marketing needs

There are many ways to generate revenue in the online world. From ad revenue, all the way to direct online marketing, those with the technical knowledge and a bit of business savvy can create their own online business and revenue stream. Fast forward to today and the advancements in mobile technology have opened up new opportunities. One of these is mobile affiliate marketing. Those who have tried their hand at traditional online affiliate marketing will draw many similarities to the use of mobile affiliates companies.

Mobile affiliate marketing can be thought of as a referral reward system. The marketer will be rewarded if a user clicks, downloads or acts upon a link that they have presented. This link usually directs users to a specific mobile app, and it is the app owner that rewards the marketer. For the marketer (the affiliate) this system represents a source of income. For the user, it helps them find new apps that may be of interest. But perhaps the greatest impact will be to the app owner. By implementing a mobile affiliate network as part of their advertising strategy they are increasing their reach and gaining mobile web traffic. Yes, there is an associated cost for this marketing strategy, usually in the form of CPA or Cost per Action, but the long-term payoff is usually greater for the app owner.

Imagine being an app owner that pays a mobile affiliate two dollars every time a user downloads their app through their affiliate link. It can be a free app, which usually means that it is more likely to get downloaded, so the return on investment is not instant. However, if the user can make multiple in-app purchases, then the return may be greater in the long run.

Mobile affiliate strategies

App owners, publishers and developers are known as the advertisers in this scenario, and will utilize a network of mobile affiliates to promote their apps and products. They can of course market their apps and products themselves, like how it was done in the past, but then the reach and audience would be much smaller. By utilizing mobile affiliate companies, advertisers need not have a great amount of experience to increase the amount of people they can reach by orders of magnitude. Also, this particular marketing strategy is great for app owners looking to target very specific niches yet don’t have the resources to engage that particular market themselves.

The majority of advertisers or app owners usually like the idea of their app or product reaching as many people as possible, but often balk when the talk comes to the cost. CPA or CPI (Cost per Install) are real monetary figures that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can add up quick and if left unchecked may cost the app owner more than they bargained for. However, there are safety measures built-in to the mobile affiliate marketing system, such as setting a maximum CPA per day, that will ensure that everything stays on budget. But the real question should be, What is the cost of not engaging mobile affiliate companies?

It is approximated that roughly 61% of users discover new apps through referrals. Furthermore, a user will most likely use or re-use an app if members of their social network are using it. App owners should remember that they are part of a rapidly growing industry, and one with no signs of slowing down. Figures show that there will be about one smartphone for every two people on the planet within the next three years. That’s over 3 billion smartphones! The mobile app industry itself is also growing at a staggering pace. Apple’s App Store alone sees over 30 million app downloads a day. Faced by these, it is quite easy to see why it is practically essential for app owners to engage mobile affiliate companies, it not only allows them to increase their reach, but it also helps their app stand apart from the rest of the competition.

This may come as a surprise to most people but there is a certain blend of science and art in the use of mobile affiliate companies. Yes, one can enlist their services right from the launch of the app and empty a brute force approach whereby the affiliates are constantly being engaged. This is a valid approach; but it may be costly for the advertiser in the long run. When looking at the whole process through the lens of high efficiency, an advertiser would be highly selective about when they would employ this part of their marketing strategy. This latter approach would rely on precision timing to ensure that they generate the greatest amount of return (whether that be in the form of downloads, sales, or even generating brand awareness) for the lowest cost.

While almost every app owner can benefit from the use of mobile affiliate companies, it is those that are having difficulty in finding their footing on the international level that benefit from them the most. These app owners, usually have a strong grasp of their local or familiar demographics, but often come up short when appealing to the masses. It would almost be worth the investment just to gain access to the affiliate network. From an infrastructure perspective, everything from security to payment and tracking, are already setup, verified and ready-to-go. From a marketing perspective, the network allows the app owner to advertise their apps to a highly interested and highly qualified audience, that is more likely to act upon the advert than casual browsers in the app store.

The top mobile affiliates companies

With the amount of app developers and app consumers in this day and age, it is no wonder why there is no shortage of mobile affiliate marketing companies in the landscape. But, as with all things, not all of them are created equal. There are those that can only be described as “sketchy” and should be avoided at all costs, but there are also those with stellar reputations and correctly incentivizes their affiliates, which in turn makes them want to work harder and promote products well.

Nutzz MediaNutzz Media is an online and mobile games specialist with some of the best engagement results in the industry, and boasts high post-install conversions.
ClickkyClickky utilizes DSP technology to focus fire on monetization and user acquisition. A self-serve platform, Clickky offers affiliates, app owners, and marketers a place to meet and collaborate.
Hyper Ad ExchangeHyper Ad Exchange makes the whole process dead easy for the app owner/developer by providing them with an easy-to-install SDK that has a miniscule footprint, that enables them to quickly monetize an app.
AppcoachAppcoach offers globally more than 10 billions impressions per month and has promoted 150 mobile apps already. For this to happen, they need an SDK on the app to monteize it.
DimosoDimoso is an all-in-one communication and marketing agency, that pretty much offers every mobile marketing, advertisement and optimization service available under the sun.

From the outset, a mobile affiliates marketing campaign may look difficult and tricky. However, as previously shown by some of the companies mentioned above, this need not be the case. In some cases, a simple SDK is the only thing that is needed. But in general, the process can be broken down, and begins with identifying the optimal affiliate network.

Advertisers need to be aware of the fact that different networks cater to different apps and different users. Choosing the network that has been shown to greatly affect the target demographics or categories is key.

Before signing on, make sure that you gain access to their traffic figures and prices. This will give you an idea of the budget you will need, as well as some real-world figures about the mobile affiliate marketing network’s reach. Once you have gathered as much facts as possible it is time to devise a proper strategy that will take into account your budget, schedule and reward incentives for the mobile affiliates companies (remember that if an affiliate is not motivated to promote your product, then this will all be for nothing).

Perhaps the biggest and most difficult step would be to drive web traffic. This can take multiple forms including creating an email list, which has been shown to greatly increase conversion rates. Take a look at the top performers in the app store and in your app’s category. Look at their marketing material and customer facing information, then tailor your information after it, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Finally, track obsessively. This is a numbers game and if you don’t have the figures then it will be impossible to adjust correctly.

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