Mobile advertising strategies by mobile app marketing companies

Mobile advertising strategies by mobile app marketing companies

Whether you’re an experienced app advertiser, a seasoned veteran of traditional advertising stratagems, or a newly minted mobile app marketing professional seeking to make your mark in this competitive industry, the chances are good that you are probably aware just how important mobile advertising is to your app’s overall success.

Given the utter dominance of mobile browsing and the vast number of individuals who – when surveyed – list their mobile phone as their top choice to shop on, it should come as no surprise that mobile app marketing companies around the world are working as fast as they can to upgrade and future-proof their mobile advertising strategies.

Simply diving into this complex world of promotional opportunities with hefty funding won’t necessarily guarantee optimal results. There are a dizzying number of enterprises out there attempting to capture the attention of exactly the same audiences your app has targeted, which is why the details of your promotional mobile advertising campaigns are just as important as how much money you sink into them.


According to the top mobile app marketing companies and mobile advertising teams, the presence of your app logo can be a huge determining factor as to whether or not customers will successfully click/convert on your mobile advertising. Mobile advertising gurus from several of the premiere mobile app marketing companies explain that your app logo should be visible in each frame of the user experience.

While this tactic may require a significant redesign of your app or website, it could always help explain why your conversion rates on your mobile platform have – up this point – been relatively flat. Taking the time to re-envision the look and feel of your app could pay out tremendous dividends over time. This is definitely worth considering for the future of your enterprise.


A number of studies are now showing that the top mobile advertising companies feature a distinctly ‘personal touch’. This doesn’t mean that you should deploy some overly high-tech personalization algorithm. Instead, it could be as simple as featuring individuals in your advertisement itself. By including a human face in your app and mobile advertisement, you can quickly help remove feelings of anonymity and cold genericism. This, in turn, will provide significant dividends when it comes to boosting your return on investment (ROI).


When mobile advertisements are overly vague, broad or generic, you risk providing information to consumers that actually offers little to no impetus to convert in any form or fashion. Instead of trying to adopt a one size fits all approach in your app ads, be as specific as possible. Include images of the app you are selling, and craft your written copy so it revolves around compelling features of the mobile application and compelling reasons why an individual should download it.


The prominence of the mobile age has dramatically redefined how businesses tailor content on their mobile advertisements. Instead of pushing out troves of written material, businesses have discovered that customers are most likely to convert when the ‘message’ of the ad is brief and impactful. See how effectively you can distill your brand and your app into a single sentence. If this is possible, you will soon discover that customers are much more likely to respond to the promotional materials you publish online.


Depending upon the particular industry your mobile app fits within, you may find that an interactive, code-intensive advertisement turns the head of audiences in ways that more traditional promotionals do not.

Particularly in situations where you are trying to convince customers to embrace new technology-related services, an innovative, cutting edge promotional ad can act as a ‘proof of concept’ and credibility standard for your mobile app. That being said, businesses operating in more traditional sectors may find that this method of mobile advertising offers very little returns in exchange for labor intensive coding and concept development.

As a general rule, mobile advertising companies recommend that you take the time to research the current ‘industry standard’ as reinforced by industry leaders and your principal app competitors. This information can help you best understand what the ‘minimum’ level is to advertise your app in the mobile world.


This may sound traditional, but you should never discount the power of a deeply impactful call to action. Regardless of which medium they exist within, call to action statements have long proven their merit as a compelling method of product promotion. Even if you have used CTAs throughout your promotional strategies historically, don’t make the mistake of removing this component of your broader campaigns.

These are just 6 mobile advertising strategies that app marketing companies apply Remember that substantial results often take time. With due diligence and discipline, we strongly believe that these strategies will boost your app visibility on mobile platforms.

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Mobile advertising strategies by mobile app marketing companies

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