Marketing events every app marketer should know about

Marketing events every app marketer should know about
In the world of digital marketing, it is absolutely essential for app marketers to stay on top of the latest trends, tactics and strategies. In an industry that moves at a blinding pace, remaining current as to the latest ‘industry standard’ is almost a full-time job. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conventions, networking gatherings and expos happening around the world where the best and brightest minds in digital and app marketing come together to exchange ideas that will fuel innovation in this industry for years to come.

As the app marketplace continues to expand at a staggering pace, the need for a comprehensive understanding of mobile app marketing has never been greater. For those who have invested the time and energy into mastering the unique concepts and skills fueling app promotions, lucrative opportunities await. For those who are lagging behind in their app marketing competencies, trade and industry events can act as a catalyst to sharpen knowledge and abilities.

Attendance at these events should not be considered an entertaining diversion. Instead, competent professionals who are serious about their careers and their skillset should view these appc marketing events as mandatory developmental opportunities. After all, the knowledge that is publicly available at events such as these can jumpstart your career and expand the number of professional opportunities available to you.


The Performance Marketing Awards celebrate this year the 11th anniversary of the event. This is one of the largest marketing ceremony worldwide. The awards recognize the job well done from app marketers from the US, Western and Eastern Europe as well as LATAM and other regions of the world.

Advertisers, publishers and app marketers have here the opportunity to connect and learn from the winners of the awards. One of the companies listed on MobileFirms, ClickDealer, is nominated to one of the awards. After 6 years of hard work on mobile marketing, ClickDealer asks visitors and public to vote for them on the Performance Marketing Awards.


Arguably one of the most important events of its kind the world over, the App Promotion Summit Berlin acts as a gathering of some of the most important thinkers in the world of app marketing today. With a kaleidoscopic array of talent attending, including promotional companies from Europe, North America and Asia, this particular event guarantees an intensive cross-pollination of tactics and app marketing strategies that are guaranteed to improve the operational capacity of all who attend.

The list of speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experience at the App Promotion Summit Berlin is astounding. These professionals come from a broad array of backgrounds, ranging from female health apps to major international media platforms such as Soundcloud. With that in mind, it stands to reason that app attendees from a wide collection of specializations will be able to benefit from the knowledge shared by these invited guests.

The pedigree of these speakers is also a testament to the degree of respect and popularity that App Promotion Summit Berlin has obtained. Very few other events can claim a similar roster of marketing professionals, and those that can are among the very best in the world. Needless to say, registering for an event such as this will be a wise move for all who have the ability to do so to learn more about mobile app marketing.

In addition to the invited speakers, a ‘Marketplace’ will be available to those who are interested in reserving promotional space to advertise their business or apps to prospective clients or partners. Such expos are hugely important for businesses seeking to gain a foothold in new marketplaces or industries through networking.


Based in San Francisco, the tech hub of North America (and the world at large), the Open Mobile Summit is one of the largest gatherings of mobile app marketing professionals working in the app arena. Billed as the largest B2C event for “mobile product, UX design and mobile marketing executives”, the Open Mobile Summit is an absolutely indispensable networking opportunity for app marketers seeking to better understand the scope and depth of the mobile app marketing industry today.

The list of speakers attending the Open Mobile Summit is hugely impressive. Notable examples include representatives from eBay, TGI Fridays, Avis, Adidas, Uber, and Google, among others. It goes without saying that app marketing professionals can gain immensely by attending the presentations and speeches delivered by these high-profile experts. Much like the App Promotion Summit Berlin, the Open Mobile Summit has spared no expense in ensuring that their collection of experts is of the highest possible calibre.

When you are attending these events, you will likely come across app marketing companies both large and small. We’ve highlighted the most compelling picks from the Open Mobile Summit.

AppsFlyer: This innovative company has developed one of the most powerful and often used mobile app analytics software systems available today. Their products are used by small, medium and large sized businesses alike.

Liftoff Mobile: Located in Palo Alto, CA, Liftoff Mobile utilizes a CPA model in order to help ensure that their users invest wisely in advertising, helping them reap the best possible returns over the short and long term.

Swrve: With offices in San Francisco, London and Dublin, Swrve provides a powerful mobile app marketing platform to their clients which helps create a relevant and unique sets of tools and analytics for individual users.

Appsee: Featuring a roster of celebrated clients, Appsee has created a celebrated mobile app analytics suite which offers outstanding insight into a variety of critical parameters related to app visibility and promotional performance.

Segment: From mobile app developers to app owners, Segment helps with their SDKs and Cloud apps using personalized tools to customize campaigns and analyse the data of the app usage.


The mobile conference in Paris cannot be missed by your mobile app marketers. Their program of activities and conferences goes from Inspiration, to m-commerce, mobile marketing or mobile UX design. Mobile app marketing companies like App Annie or MoPub are Sponsors of this great app marketing event.


No matter what specific events you may plan on attending, we hope mobile app marketers will contact us and share their experiences. The chances are good that, no matter what event you attend, you will leave with a wealth of new information that allows you to vastly improve your own abilities on app marketing client projects.

Whether you are able to attend multiple app marketing events this year, or are simply planning on maximizing your time at a single marketing event, we honestly believe you won’t feel disappointed with the time you have spent there. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures at any one of the outstanding app marketing events taking place around the world this year. Happy travels!

Marketing events every app marketer should know about

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