How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

Nutra became lately one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing and there is a good reason for that. The world population has become very aware of health and more and more interested in nutrition related products, so as long as you will promote health, beauty and wellness product, expect to see a huge increase in your ROI.

Nutraceuticals have a great selling potential if you can master this vertical. Having so many customers looking for products that are related to this niche, you can increase your revenue significantly if you decide to promote Nutra offers.

Nutraceuticals Market Overview 2018

As a matter of fact, a new study conducted by “Global Industry Analysts”, shows that in 2018, the nutraceuticals market reached $ 250 billion and is estimated to have at least a $318 billion value by 2023.

The target audience for nutraceuticals is huge and has also a very large potential to scale. Being able to guarantee the highest revenues for affiliates, it might soon become the most demanded vertical on E-commerce.

It attracts people who want to look and feel good and people who are adopting a healthier lifestyle and are ready to pay for that. This way the demand for Nutra products (especially in the beauty care segment) is increasing, mostly in the developed countries.

The Nutra portfolio is diverse with lots of submarkets from skincare products, dietary supplements and nutrition offers, muscle, as well as some adult products for erectile dysfunction or male enhancers. These are the most popular categories and if you worked in affiliate marketing in the last years, there is no way you haven’t heard of them.

Business Prospects

Nevertheless, the nutraceuticals market continues to grow and diversify constantly and rapidly. In the beauty area, for example, products become very popular overnight and take over social media in just a few months. When you see a trend like this, where millions can be made, you have to jump on it quickly. More than this, if the products you promote imply repeated purchase to reach the desired results, you can consider yourself more than lucky.

All these reasons make the Nutra vertical a very competitive market for CPA or CPS model. But if you have the right strategy and work with the best traffic types: Social Media (Facebook), Native, Search Traffic, Contextual Advertising, you can make a lot of money from it, this year. As consumers increase their demand by changing their lifestyles, nutraceutical products continue to gain popularity, paving new opportunities even in emerging economies.

How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

Top Key Player Updates

On such a competitive niche, knowledge means power, so discovering the most profitable offers on the market you’ll have an advantage right from the start.

This being sad, our partners from BitterStrawberry that have been teasing us for a while with their own Nutra offers just went live recently. We thought this is great news for all the affiliate marketers that want to win big on the Nutra vertical.

And when you see what an epic selection of offers they have, you will see that you have to get down to business!

BitterStrawberry is bringing to the table some natural supplements that work very well for weight loss, muscle gain and testosterone boosts. All of these products are legal, safe and completely regulated so there won’t be any problems with the law or with unhappy customers.

The first markets on which they are live are Germany, Austria and Switzerland and after they dominate these countries they will move on to expand to other countries and continents as well.

The spotlight is on Protecvital

How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

The first product to hit the market is Protecvital (Protecvital shots and Protecvital plus, the pills version). Both are versions of a natural supplement designed for men and their purpose is to improve their endurance, performance and vitality in all the aspects of their everyday lives. They are effective in growing muscle mass; male enhancement and they also improve your overall health. They are non-GMO, completely organic and gluten-free and no side effects were recorded while using the products, which is why they don’t require a prescription.

Made and packed in Germany, the supplements are of great quality and can also be shipped in a very short period of time of 1 to 2 days’ time.

BitterStrawberry has already tested everything before going live, including the opinion of potential customers. With thousands of products shipped to people, BitterStrawberry managed to collect data that suggests that customers liked the product, thought it worked and will buy it again.

Technical details for future partners

BitterStrawberry’s offers work as CPA with different payout variations. You get some amazing conversion rates as well as high payouts. If this weren’t enough, BitterStrawberry is also throwing in their own creative landing pages and prelanders to help you get that money more easily. With many choices available that have already been tested all you need to do is use them and watch the money come.

How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

They covered every basis and you even get an in-house 360-degree solution for directing your traffic directly to the most profitable option without having to go through extra testing.

For any questions the sales team is always on call and they will help you 24/7.

If you think it’s time to join the multi-billion-dollar Nutra industry, then we can guarantee that BitterStrawberry is one of the best bets. Join them now and start making some serious cash!

As we previously mentioned, following the main trends in affiliate marketing will bring you the best results, but we gave you this opportunity so you can be ahead of the competition.

The products available on BitterStrawberry’s platform are of premium quality, fully legal and very efficient, and have very good feedback from the consumers and that guarantees the best revenues for affiliates!

In conclusion, this large market of supplements is exploding now more than ever and if you want to be on top of the game, you have to take any new opportunity so you’ll have a market share in this multi-billion-dollar industry.

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How Nutra will increase your affiliate marketing revenue in 2018

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