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With new technological advancements taking place almost every day and accessibility to internet improving worldwide, the use of mobile applications has increased rapidly. As markets are becoming more competitive and consumer-centered these days, businesses and mobile app marketers all around the world are finding it necessary to learn more about their consumer preferences and how they change over time.


All this study helps mobile app marketers in determining which consumer product or service is preferred and what design and technical changes are required to increase sales. Similarly, mobile app creators and mobile app reviews companies also look for this information. Hence, they use app reviews as an excellent way to collect and assess this information.


Mobile app reviews account for the opinions and experiences of the users of mobile applications. They can be found online as comments on the app stores, blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook statuses, tweets and as posts on other social media platforms. These mobile app reviews not only reflect the views of those who use the apps but also influence the buying decisions of other potential customers. Many potential customers may not purchase or even download an app for free if they find several negative reviews about it.

Although these reviews might not come from a family member or friend, there is still a level of trust between those who write these app reviews and those who read them. This trust makes mobile app reviews very powerful in determining the prospects of success for a certain mobile app. In addition to this, these reviews also influence the visibility of the app on the app stores search engine. Appearing on top in the search results also plays an important role as it is mostly believed that mobile users generally download the app which appears first.


Mobile app reviews and ratings are crucial for driving consumer behavior. They influence the number of people who discover the app, download it, install updates to it and make in-app purchases. These reviews form an important part of a ranking algorithm on both, the App Store and the Play Store for their app searches.

Understanding the importance of mobile app reviews, Apple also made some changes to its App Store search algorithm, in 2013, rewarding those with high rated reviews as opposed to those with lower rated reviews; apps having at least four stars were benefited the most. However, no set criteria for measuring rankings is specified by Apple or Google, it is generally believed that both the quantity and quality of the reviews, number of downloads, usage statistics, download growth rates as well as uninstall counts play a great role in determining which app stays in competition.

Furthermore, to support this growing phenomenon of mobile app reviews, several mobile app reviews companies have also emerged offering mobile app reviews online. They are specialized in mostly both iOS and Android apps. Some of them may charge a certain amount as a fee for reviewing the app, whereas others may be free of cost, earning most of their money from ads. These mobile app reviews companies play a great role in creating brand awareness for the mobile application through media placements. Reviews place the app in the public eye, encouraging its discovery and downloads. In addition to this, these mobile app reviews companies help applications in getting higher on the app stores rankings by directing consumers to the app page on the store.

Moreover, it is important for a app developers and app owners to find a good quality mobile app reviews company that captures interests of a greater number of app users in the form of well written reviews.

Recently with the release of iOS 10.3, Apple plans to contribute more to the app developers’, app users’ and mobile app reviews companies’ interactions in the App Store. It is planning to introduce two new features with the new Store Kit API, which is available in 10.3. The first feature allows mobile app owners to reply to reviews and interact more with their users. Secondly, app users can review or rate an app without even leaving it. This will play an important role in increasing the number of reviews generated.


Mobile app reviews companies serve as third parties in this sector, offering app owners and creators support in generating reviews and understanding ways to boost their app downloads. Below is a list of the top 5 companies in this sector and the services they offer.

Appszoom is known as a platform for mobile app discovery, where mobile app developers, app analysts, marketers and app store optimizers gain feedback about their apps. The expert editors at this mobile app reviews company categorize and rate apps based on their features and types on a regular basis. Over 25,000 app developers and 4 million users place their trust in Appszoom.
AppScatter helps mobile app developers in designing a mobile strategy that allows them to distribute and optimize their apps in over 300 app stores all over the world. Its powerful distribution system helps in improving app downloads and allow app presence in the best 50 app stores. App owners and ideators can also track their performance and check their statistics, while comparing it with other competitors. This mobile app reviews company is preferred by all those who want to secure their apps and earn more revenues.
Mindinventory offers exceptional services in mobile app development, digital marketing, and social media marketing and mobile app testing, along with other UI/UX services. Their services as a mobile app reviews company are also one of their strengths.
Deftsoft is a software development company based in India. It offers digital marketing services, with more focus on SEO, mobile SEO, ASO and social media marketing. Moreover, its content creation services along their marketing campaigns help Deftsoft to provide app owners an increased number of downloads, reviews and consequently ranking on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.
ComboApp provides comprehensive mobile app marketing and consultancy services, starting from press releases to public relations to app tracking and app analytics. It helps mobile app owners in targeting the right media campaigns and offer specialized services for app development and app reviews.


In order to survive in this crowded mobile app industry, it is important to stay competitive. As it is the mobile app reviews that determine the discoverability and rankings of mobile apps, app reviews firms must use them to their advantage by improving the app’s brand image and consumer loyalty.

There are several ways for increasing app engagement and positive reviews to excel in this mobile landscape. A good idea is to incentivize the users for reviewing the apps in non-monetary ways, for instance they can be a simple point in the game. Furthermore, the quantity of the reviews can also be increased by providing the reviewing facility within the app, Apple is working towards this.

Mobile app owners must also ensure that the review prompt is properly timed. If the users receive a review prompt in the beginning of the app it will be of little use as compared to a one sent after the user has accomplished something in the app. Therefore, mobile app reviews companies can make use of these interesting ideas in order to effectively use app reviews as part of their marketing strategies.


With consumer satisfaction and opinion becoming more important in a highly competitive mobile app industry, it is important for mobile app owners and developers to find better ways to market their mobile apps. Mobile app reviews are effective ways used by worldwide companies for this purpose. If used properly and creatively, they can be used for the advantage of the mobile app owner in the form of more downloads and app store ranking.

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