Build an app marketing strategy with mobile ad networks companies

Build an app marketing strategy with mobile ad networks companies

In a rapidly modernizing world, the need for the expansion of mobile ad networks has become even more compelling. Since TV and newspaper ads are increasingly becoming obsolete as viewership of the two is diminishing, mobile ad networks have taken over successfully to a great extent.

Thus mobile ad networks continue to grow and help businesses to achieve their ultimate objectives– consumer satisfaction and profit maximization. Mobile ad networks companies are essentially a vital link between advertisers and app owners. Mobile ad networks firms provide opportunities for app owners to raise revenue by providing advertisers with space to promote their goods and services.

Apple’s Search Ads, for example, has consistently helped businesses to expand by churning up a phenomenal 3.34% ad conversion rate. Mobile ad networks are therefore said to be an integral part of the world of technology as they provide us with a unique and extremely useful platform to promote our services.

In essence mobile ad networks play a highly crucial and fruitful role. This is because they collect ads from advertisers and sell them to app publishers and app developers. This in turn forms the very basis of the world of mobile ad networking. Mobile ad networks companies play a vital role whereby they provide advertisers as well as media buyers and publishers with valid and insightful reports on the ad performance. This allows advertisers to better understand the effectiveness of their ad campaign and enables publishers to get a clearer picture of the revenue generated.

Some data about mobile ad networks

The rapid development and improvement of mobile ad networks can be accounted to its numerous financial benefits. First and foremost, it enables publishers and media buyers to see which advertisement would be most suited. In other words, the reports provided by mobile ad networks companies allow clients to see the amount of space required by each advertisement and the possible revenue generated by it. It therefore provides them with a better business understanding as they are now in a better position to take a more informed decision when investing.

Mobile ad networks companies, therefore, allow businesses to take calculated risks which more often than not pay off. Decisions taken by businesses that are, in some way, aided by mobile ad networks companies are said to make better, more lucrative investments. Thus, the fact that mobile ad networks companies are closely associated with higher profits, they contribute the overall success of the business. Given the higher rate of successes of business which rely on mobile ad networks companies, more and more businesses are encouraged to utilize the information provided by mobile ad networks companies.

In recent years, there has been a somewhat of a mushroom growth of ad network companies which has fostered greater competition and therefore greater productivity.

The top 5 mobile ad networks companies

The top 5 mobile ad networks companies in this sector are AppsDiscover, ClickDealer, Aarki, Motive Interactive and Appness. While all of them are unique and offer distinct facilities, they all have one thing in common; they are thorough professionals and have delivered repeatedly for their clients.

AppsDiscoverAppsDiscover started in 2013 with a rather ambitious aim of becoming the Google AdSense of India. Although AppsDiscover still has a long way to go in terms of fulfilling its goal, as it stands it has over 50 million daily impressions. This is truly a staggering feat. Furthermore as a well-established mobile ad networks, they offer performance marketing campaigns with advanced and sophisticated targeting features. In addition to this, it also offers a proprietary cutting edge platform called OffersBoard that specializes in mobile advertising and mobile marketing. All in all, AppsDiscover is an effective and efficient mobile ad networks company which provides a wide array of facilities.
ClickDealerClickDealer also provides remarkable services in terms of mobile advertising and mobile marketing. Unlike a lot of other mobile ad networks companies, however, ClickDealer sees itself as a worldwide performance marketing agency which lays particular emphasis on cost per action campaigns. Over the years, ClickDealer has progressed significantly and is now recognized globally because of the countless online marketing and advertising services that it provides effectively. ClickDealer believes in keeping up to date with the latest softwares and technology. It also carries out researches on a regular basis that enable the company to further improve its ad campaigns so as to appeal to an even greater range of the population. Thus modifying and evolving quickly and successfully is a major reason behind the company’s growing popularity.
AarkiAmong other services, Aarki specializes in mobile advertising and mobile marketing. This mobile ad networks company focuses specifically on cutting edge technology to attain better results from advertising on mobile ad networks. Aarki uses innovative ideas that help in creating original designed ads. Furthermore, unlike a lot of other mobile ad networks companies, Aarki is compatible with formats such as HTML5 and has even gone as far as developing its own Bayesian machine learning algorithms to improve ad delivery.
Motive InteractiveMotive Interactive is a mobile advertising company located in San Diego. It provides marketing professionals with the unique opportunity to build mobile advertising campaigns in a completely risk free environment. On top of this, Motive Interactive gives publishers and mobile app developers or app owners the option to maximize the monetization of their traffic. The mobile ad networks company is ideal for those that look to promote goods and services effectively.
AppnessAppness mainly places ads for Facebook. It links top media buyers with companies and allows them to pay on the basis of results. As a result, everyone wins. In addition to this, Appness specializes in mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile social advertising among other valuable services.

Thus given the wide variety of services that these companies provide and the standard that they maintain consistently makes them the leading 5 companies in this particular sector.

How can a mobile ad networks company help me?

Mobile ad networks companies benefit everyone associated with them. Be it advertisers, publishers or app owners, all are bound to gain if associated with a mobile ad networks company. These companies assist in providing useful as well as relevant information regarding which adverts would be best suited for particular apps. Some mobile ad networks companies charge on the basis of effective results, thus you no longer have to worry about paying extra or paying without any reward in return.

Apart from this, mobile ad networks companies also enable media buyers, publishers and advertisers to benefit profoundly. Advertisers benefit through mobile ad networks companies because they are provided with detail reports which entail information regarding how the advertisers will benefit most. In other words, these companies enable them to understand how and where to place ads. Mobile ad networks companies also do the often tedious task of finding the most suitable media buyer. In addition to this these companies also help in raising profits for mobile app developers and media buyers. This is done by telling app owners and media buyers the potential benefit to their mobile app if they place these ads in them.

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