A look into the world of mobile marketing

A look into the world of mobile marketing

The innovation and development of the mobile industry has had a huge impact affecting the way people live their daily lives and companies market their products. According to a survey conducted by Red Hat Mobile Marketing, companies have increased their investment in mobile app. This is a small niche in the marketing strategy that is adopted by mobile marketing companies. With the growing popularity of this industry, it’s important for brands to consider its potential and make an active effort to pursue its benefits.


What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing refers to any activity that markets on a mobile device. It’s completely promotional, with companies aiming to use the increased reliance of mobile devices to their advantage by designing campaigns that target mobile users through their cell phones.

It’s safe to say that it is bound to be effective, especially with the number of people who only use their mobile phones increases. Mobile phones are becoming a necessity for many people, and they are completely changing the way that a company target audience interacts with a brand, and its products.

With Google reporting that 9 in 10 mobile searches will lead to consumer action, it’s clear that mobile marketing is essential. Companies that ignore it are bound to experience a slump in their sales and profits!

It is a multichannel approach, consisting of a range of actions and strategies. The link between them all is that they target is using mobile devices. When discussing mobile marketing, companies, here you can find the best ones for each category:

  1. Mobile Affiliates
  2. Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO)
  3. Mobile App Reviews
  4. Mobile App Installs
  5. Mobile App Promotion
  6. Mobile Retargeting
  7. Mobile App Discovery
  8. Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  9. Mobile App Press Release
  10. Mobile User Acquisition
  11. Mobile SEO

With so many channels, it is clear that mobile marketing is an industry of its own. A growing one, with over 80% of the retail marketers are aiming to increase their mobile advertising and marketing budgets.

The development of mobile marketing

The origins of mobile marketing can be linked back to the launch of the SMS in 2003. It allowed companies to publicize their products on a relatively simplistic scale, when compared to the modern app campaigns that are organized.

Companies like Nike took advantage of this latest innovation in modern technology, launching an SMS campaign in 2005. The potential presented by such a move has increased greatly, with the recorded number of SMS users being 2.4 billion in 2007.

The mobile marketing industry developed even further with:

  • Apple launch of the first iPhone.
  • The incorporation of QR codes into mobile marketing.
  • The introduction of apps in mobile phones by both Apple and Google.

This was aided by the immense popularity that the mobile, and all its features, have enjoyed through the years. It lead to companies rethinking the marketing strategy from offline to online and then mobile, effectively making it possible for mobile marketing to become a $14billion dollar internationally recognized industry by 2011.

Is mobile marketing necessary for all companies?

It’s true that mobile phones, and handheld devices, have become immensely popular. This is why 68% of companies actively pursue mobile marketing in their overall publicity strategy. Companies from all industries need to capture the attention of their target audience, to do this they need to advertise through channels where the users are.

This is a key aspect of B2C (Business to Consumer) transactions and it is clear that, if done correctly, mobile marketing companies can help your product be highly successful. This is shown through GfK’s study: approximately 45% of the consumer shopping trips involved a mobile phone, and 46% of the online shoppers use their smartphone to buy a product. Companies selling products, or delivering a service, can’t afford to stint on their spending in such areas. Doing so can lead to a loss of customers, and led to competitors with a strong mobile marketing strategy to win the race.

Mobile marketing helps companies to:

  1. Extend their reach
  2. Stay in the mind of their consumers
  3. Adopt cost effective marketing techniques
  4. Become a part of the e- commerce network

These factors interlink and each one places the consumer at the center. Consumers spend most of their day with their mobile devices within reach, 79% of mobile users checking their smart phone as soon as they wake up in the morning! The average time they spend on their phones is almost 220 minutes every day, making it a perfect channel for companies to market through a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing companies give an excellent reach to a product. Text message campaigns are reported to have a 45% response rate, due to their instant delivery and customer’s habit to read them straight away.

Advantages of mobile marketing

After all that has been written here, it’s clear that mobile marketing presents a range of advantages where the consumer is concerned. Now, let us look at the company specific advantages. How does it affect their network? And what does mobile marketing involve?

  • Companies receive instant results with the mobile marketing, and easy to track, analyze and evaluate.
  • Mobile marketing allows companies to directly market the consumer, creating a personal relationship that helps them to keep clients.
  • There is a huge potential, as mobile marketing allows companies to extend their target audience and track user response.
  • Companies can benefit from microblogging.
  • Mobile marketing leads to an increase in profits, partially due to the convenience and security of mobile payments.
  • Mobile marketing has viral benefits, with customers being able to share the mobile content with their friends.

Top 5 mobile marketing companies

It may be possible for companies to develop their own mobile marketing strategies, but involving the professionals will help them to increase their coverage.

To help you choose one mobile marketing company, we have created a list of the top 5 mobile marketing companies:

Based in Spain, Appszoom is a platform aimed at mobile app discovery. They have expert editors that evaluate new apps, categorizing and rating their features. They also offer services such as: app analysis, mobile marketing campaigns, with a focus on apps, App Store Optimization, mobile advertising and app monetization.
As a top mobile advertising company, Mobiloitte’s presence stretches from Germany to India. Their expertise is aimed at guaranteeing their clients optimal coverage, working hard to ensure that their publicity and mobile marketing campaigns are a success.
This mobile affiliate network has its headquarters in Luxembourg. Founded back in 2011, Mobidea is a part of the marketing group, OLAmobile. The company focuses on CPA, CPI and mobile marketing campaigns. It generates over 1 billion clicks every month, working to maximize their clients mobile traffic.
Appier is a mobile marketing company focuses on Asia, the APAC region to be precise. They specialize in cross device solutions, using their proprietary platform to extract and analyze business data. This data is used to optimize their clients marketing campaign.
Based in New York, Clickky focuses on user acquisition and monetization, using DSP technology to help them in this endeavour. They specialise in: social media advertising, internet advertising, mobile advertising, affiliate marketing and CPA advertising The company has a self-serve platform on which marketing professionals can interact and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing is clearly an extensive industry, with immense potential that only grows with the development and increasing popularity of mobile devices. Mobile marketing also offers companies a range of possibilities, giving them the opportunity to keep up with the ever growing world and increased pace of the digital media and mobile world.

Find more Mobile Marketing companies in our directory.

A look into the world of mobile marketing

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