A look into the world of mobile advertising companies

A look into the world of mobile advertising companies

In 2016, eMarketer statistics detailed the growing use of mobile users across the world. It stated that 1/4 of the global population will be using mobile apps by 2019. Impigo Mobile gives further insight into this in their report which states that 1 in 5 people own a PC while the rest prefer to use mobile phones. This dramatic rise has promoted the increased use of mobile advertising as companies are being pushed to consider it as a way of promoting their business.


Mobile advertising is a way of targeting users through their smartphones, tablets and personal digital assistants (PDA). It can take place in a number of ways but with the help of websites like Google, mobile advertising companies are able to tailor the ads to the individual’s tastes and preferences. This is done by analysing their browsing history and the data that details their shopping habits, shares and likes. This form of advertising helps companies to personalise their publicity campaigns and target specific demographics.

According to Ian Karnell, the founder of One to One Interactive, smartphones are in a unique position because consumers use them continuously in their daily lives, leaving a digital data trail for mobile advertising companies to analyse.

Due to the small screen size of the device, mobile ads are usually small and concise. This helps them to load faster. According to Compuware, this is important as more than half of the smartphone users expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds.

The immense presence of mobile advertising can be seen through the existence of the non-profit Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). It is a global trade association which fosters technology, overseas the units that are used and regulates the terms and practices that are associated with mobile advertising.


The earliest contribution to mobile advertising was in 1973 when Martin Cooper, a project manager at Motorola, invented a portable headset and made a call to Dr. Engel at Bell Labs. The next event that allowed this niche in the industry to develop was the development of the SMS text message. It was launched in 1991, when Finland’s Radiolinja introduced data services. The first recorded text message, between people, was sent in December ‘94. Its popularity grew gradually, becoming the world’s leading data service with 2.4 million active users in 2007.

This event led to the inevitable, companies from around the world began offering messaging deals to help companies advertise their products and services. Starting with a small news provider in Finland offering to send news headlines by text message, the popularity and opportunities of mobile advertising grew.

It began to receive substantial attention from the advertising industry at the start of the 20th century. However, mobile advertising only accounts for a fraction of the global advertising revenue. Informa expanded on this in its report stating that mobile ads were worth $ 2.2 billion in 2007 while the global advertising agency’s worth was measured at almost $450 billion.

This changes as smartphones and mobile devices maintain an increasing role in the lives of consumers. The mobile advertising companies understanding of this is shown in a recent eMarketer report which stated that global mobile ad spending is due to top $100 Billion in 2016, an amount that is 51% of digital market advertising spending. They reveal that this growth is being driven by the growing consumer usage of mobile devices, a fact that is supported by statistics featured by Zenith media.

When reading these statistics one should keep Tom Buontempo, the president of Attention, words in mind. He stated that there is a problem in the cross platform measurement, which distorts the statistical growth of mobile advertising. This is supported by the claim that while mobile ads do not lead to an immediate sale conversion, it’s not because this form of publicity is unsuccessful but because of user preferences. Consumers are exposed to a product on their phone but will not go to buy or even view it until they have verified its authenticity.


Mobile advertising isn’t a general term for companies, it’s specifically used to describe ads that appear in mobile apps. With 1.4 million apps available to users, this service offered by mobile advertising companies can attract a lot of attention. It constantly reinforces the product’s benefits, especially because most users shy away from the substantial fee required to subscribe for apps that are ‘ad free’.

Mobile advertising can be done in a variety of ways:

Banner ads

Banner ads will typically run along the screen, flickering across the top as potential customers use their apps. Due to the limited space and impracticalities of putting up the products details, banners are significantly dependent on brand recognition.

Video ads

This form of advertising is quite complex, requiring a considerable budget to interact with the mobile user. They will automatically play when the app is loaded. Once the video finishes it gives the user two options; to find out more information or return to their app.

Interactive ads

Interactive apps require user’s response, capturing their attention and pushing them towards a company. The rich media advertisements offer users the chance to play a game for free. At the end of the game, they will be directed to the sponsor’s website.

The interstitial ads take over the whole screen, once the user begins to load and chooses to close an app. It has a striking call to action, featuring a high level of engagement with the product that is advertised.

Text message ads

In this type of ad the mobile advertising, companies focus on communication. Message ads tend to be successful due to the popular habit of checking a text message straightaway, especially if they know it may offer a deal. In fact, in 2011 Impigo Mobile revealed that 90% of the text messages sent are checked within the first three minutes!


There are a variety of mobile advertising companies that specialise in this highly lucrative practice. In order to help entrepreneurs in their search for an advertising firm that aids their publicity department, we have prepared a list of the top 5 mobile advertising companies.

SI Global Solutions Pvt. LtdSI Global Solutions is a leading consultancy company based in the USA, UAE and Pakistan. They are also linked to the UK, having entered into an agreement with 2 UK based firms. These firms were established to facilitate the development of projects, allowing SI Global Solutions to enhance their client’s presence. SI Global Solutions’ staff includes global experts who can help to plan, construct, launch and monitor a mobile advertising campaign.
MobusiMobusi has a team of more than 200 experienced advertising specialists. The company’s headquarters are based in Madrid but they have opened offices in both Mexico and Los Angeles. As a tech company their focus lies in using efficient algorithms to optimize their client’s global coverage.
MarfeelMarfeel is an advertising company which aims to maximize their client’s global presence and revenue. This is possible due to their partnership with more than 20,000 global advertising networks. Marfeel has the ability to analyze the client’s target audience and adjust their ads accordingly. It automatically updates the mobile content so that it is in sync with the changes made to the desktop website, enabling the company to provide clients with an efficient, cost effective service.
Mobiloitte TechnologiesMobiloitte Technologies is one of the top mobile advertising companies, Mobiloitte has a presence that stretches from Germany to India. They have a wide variety of expertise, all aimed at guaranteeing their clients optimal coverage.
LittioLittio’s agency has its headquarters in Barcelona. Its comprehensive approach to mobile advertising has led the firm to offer services that range from mobile app analytics, and App Store Optimization to mobile advertising networks and CPI campaigns.

Mobile advertising is clearly a growing industry, with its benefits still being realized. To increase their profits, organizations can use one of the mobile advertising companies to increase their presence in the digital community.

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A look into the world of mobile advertising companies

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