A guide to get more mobile app reviews

A guide to get more mobile app reviews

When it comes time to download or purchase a new app, most users are quick to point out that a well-written, insightful app review can dramatically influence their purchasing decision. In reality, this should come as no surprise. Given the over-saturation of the mobile app market today, consumers must have some form of credible ‘source’ which they can use to determine whether or not a particular mobile app suits their needs and interests. In many situations, a review can make the difference between a “yes” or “no” decision regarding whether or not an individual downloads or purchases the app. While it may seem somewhat preposterous to think that someone spending 20 or 30 seconds to write a review of your app could influence future sales, this is a critical reality that app marketers must come to terms with! Building a solid collection of glowing app reviews is in the best interests of app owners across a broad array of interests and niches.

That being said, taking the first step towards promoting a healthy and positive app reviewer community may seem difficult for some individuals, particularly those who have less experience interfacing with consumers. Here you will find a guide to help you better understand how to develop meaningful and positive relationships with app users that will result in positive, PR-friendly app reviews.


While this may sound like common sense, the most important thing you can do to help ensure a positive feedback experience is to streamline and optimize the app itself. If any latent bugs or glitches exist with your app interface, the chances are very good that users will find something to gripe about during the app review phase. In many situations, you can use the following information as a general guide: “if there’s nothing to complain about, consumers will only say good things!” Simply put, don’t give a user a reason to complain about your app, and they won’t! This is by far the most fundamental method for ensuring that the reviews you receive are positive and help you improve your customer base over time.

Consider taking a substantial amount of time after the development phase of the app to do some generic app testing of the user experience and uncover any nagging issues that may have lodged themselves within the fine workings of your app. Although this may delay the release of the app slightly, it will help ensure that you don’t present a buggy, error-laden app to the general public. After all, this type of haphazard deployment will certainly hurt sales over the long term (with the negative app reviews) far more than a short delay in release!


Even if a user uncovers a problem in your app, this certainly doesn’t always mean that they are committed to leaving a bad review. In fact, if you can take the time to speak to them directly about their issue and resolve it for them, you may have just won over a loyal customer who will continue to download your products and speak highly of your work for years to come. The importance of customer interfacing cannot be emphasized enough.

If you remain in touch with your users, they are far more likely to feel valued and, in turn, will act as evangelists for your product leaving high quality app reviews. Sure, keeping on top of messages and user feedback is certainly time-intensive, but the benefits of this level of attentiveness are simply massive.


No matter how excellent your app is, it can certainly use a tune-up now and then. This is why it is so important to maintain a regular schedule of app updates, complete with timely information delivered to users. Your app customers love to feel the app owners and app marketers are committed to ensuring a quality experience long after the download is complete. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you release regular app updates and version notes through your preferred app store. App users will certainly enjoy the opportunity to upgrade their apps with new features and functions over time, and you will likely benefit from glowing app reviews which praise your dedication and commitment to your product.

Not only will app updates help ensure that you keep your customers engaged, but they can also help you maintain visibility and stay top-of-mind with your consumers, many of whom are juggling countless app downloads at any given time. By committing to an update on a routine basis, customers can count on being subtly reminded of your app and its winning features on a regular basis.


Another way to ensure a healthy collection of app reviews is to reward your reviewers! By this, we mean that you can offer special in-app giveaways or other prizes in exchange for an app review. In situations such as these, studies have shown that customers are almost always going to leave a positive app review, which is particularly beneficial for app companies who may have not yet compiled an extensive list of customer feedback or are trying to compensate for poor reviewing earlier.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should only create and deliver rewards which A) are financially feasible for your team and B) can actually be delivered on an increasingly large scale. Excellent reviews are, of course something to strive for, but they should not tax your logistics to the point that your business has to divert attention away from the app marketing and growth simply to reward customers for an app review. No matter how excited you may be to begin curating an outstanding list of reviews, they should never get in the way of solid, worthwhile app development.


While there certainly isn’t a single “perfect” solution for gaining praiseworthy app reviews, the information presented in this article can help you begin making contact with your customer base and compel them to spread the word about your product. Always remember that the quality of your app will be the primary influencer for your app reviews. Flashy mobile app marketing cannot disguise poorly designed apps. If you remain committed to your product and stay attentive to your customers, the chances are quite good that you will begin receiving a torrent of wonderful app reviews which will definitely keep you at the top of the charts over the long term.

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A guide to get more mobile app reviews

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