A guide of Mobile Affiliates networks

A guide of Mobile Affiliates networks

Mobile app owners and mobile app developers are seeking out new methods by which they can promote their apps to the largest audiences possible. Although more conventional platforms such as mobile retargeting, pay-per-download schemes and other promotional options have proven their worth repeatedly for a number of app companies around the world, it’s no secret that a ‘human touch’ can sometimes work miracles in ways that advertisements cannot.

With this in mind, it should therefore come as no surprise that many mobile app companies are turning towards mobile affiliate marketing in order to create a sustainable network of both users and promoters who will do the heavy lifting for them when it comes to getting the word out there about a new app update or launch.

This mobile affiliates guide will break down the process of creating a successful affiliate marketing network into simplified action steps which will take the guesswork out of this experience and ensure the best possible results for the app.


Although most mobile app companies understand what a mobile affiliate network is, the process of creating an effective system can be difficult for even the most experience promoters. One of the most important and, simultaneously, fundamental steps that must be taken by mobile app marketers is to define specifically what they require their mobile affiliates companies to do in order to earn their entitled reward. For example, when it comes to mobile app promotion, companies may choose to have their mobile affiliates companies seek out app installs or, barring that specific form of conversion, enrollment in an app network via a registration form within the app or on a website. In this particular example, either form of conversion (here defined as the specific act the affiliates must get their targets to fulfill) will lead to improved visibility and, consequently, revenue for mobile app creators.


Given the fact that it takes a substantial number of affiliates to make headway in this particular promotional medium, you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you are struggling to keep up with your ever-expanding roster of eager mobile advertiser.

Not only will this become a logistical nightmare for you, but it will also significantly hamper the overall efficiency and capability of your mobile affiliates team. With that in mind, you should definitely make it a priority to find and hire a highly organized, personable affiliate manager who can act as the interface between your needs and vision and the affiliates themselves. Mobile affiliate managers have consistently proven themselves to be worth the salary this position demands. In fact, mobile affiliates managers will often pay for themselves through the visibility and expanded promotional reach they are capable of achieving for you.


Depending upon the specific mobile affiliates who end up promoting your product, you may find that some of your team members operate a bit more slowly than others. In fact, it’s not uncommon for mobile affiliate marketers to direct potential customers to expired or dead links simply because they didn’t stay current with the promotions you are managing from the top down.

Instead of allowing would-be app customers to end up in dead space on your website, we highly recommend that you create redirects or other content on pages where mobile affiliate marketers have historically been asked to direct customers so as to ensure that you don’t lose engagement from individuals who are already interested in what you have to offer. This simple tactics can act as a quick and easy way to improve the overall mobile app marketing efficiency and keep customers engaged well beyond their first interaction with an affiliate marketer.


Believe it or not, mobile affiliates companies are vetting your own businesses just as much as you are vetting them for their abilities. If mobile affiliates genuinely do not believe that they will be able to profit from promoting your app product, the chances are good that they simply won’t do it!

With this in mind, it is essential that you take the time to ensure that your mobile app as well as your website and app page on marketplaces remain professional and properly updated. Mobile affiliates companies want to ensure that their time is well spent and that they will be able to convert new customers as quickly as possible. This means that they will need to be able to access all pertinent information about your mobile app at a moment’s notice.

Make sure your app page on whichever marketplaces you choose to sell your products lists all current updates and includes compelling descriptions and imagery. Believe it or not, these simple tweaks will drastically improve not only your own reputation but your attractiveness to mobile affiliates over the long-term.


You will need to provide a variety of mobile affiliate offers for your team so as to ensure that you can capture the interest of individuals across a broad spectrum of skill sets and preferences. Simply creating one solitary mobile affiliate reward may attract some individuals, but will likely turn away more potential marketers than it attracts.

We highly recommend that you take the time to create a diverse ‘repertoire’ of mobile affiliate tasks which target not only different aspects of your greater promotional scheme, but also call upon differing skills and tactics from your affiliates themselves. Trust us when we say that this early time invest on your part will produce quality outcomes for your mobile app marketing strategy.


As you can see, there is quite a bit of planning and strategy that goes into the creation of a winning and effective mobile affiliate network. That being said, numerous studies have shown just how beneficial a mobile affiliate network can be when deployed correctly.

In fact, many of the greatest mobile app companies in existence today have a hardened, highly effective mobile affiliate company working behind the scenes to reach the greatest number of consumers possible.

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