Month: November 2017

Everything you need to know about mobile app analytics

In the world of mobile app marketing and sales, the most prized possession will always be consumer insight. Knowing how app users act and think when they first view your app on the marketplace through to their eventual purchase or download of your product can help app owners refine and tweak your pitch as often as you would like. Likewise, gaining more information regarding the way users engage with your mobile app can shed valuable insight on user experience and, consequently, the effectiveness or shortcomings of your UX design. With…

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The best mobile app testing tips you never knew about

If you are a seasoned mobile app developer – or even if you’re just entering the profession – you’re probably aware of just how important and how time-intensive the process of app testing and debugging can be. In a day and age where a single faulty release can wreak havoc on an app developer’s reputation and revenue stream, it is absolutely imperative that all of the products you unleash on the marketplace be effective and error-free.

An App Store Optimization checklist you can’t ignore

If you are an app owner, we don’t need to remind you how difficult it can be to make the transition from a great idea to an excellent product and, finally, outstanding sales. Now that the app stores for both Apple and Android-based phones have become a highly competitive, over-saturated marketplace, it takes more than just a quality product to stand out from the pack.

Top 10 App Analytics companies

These days analytics are an important part of a website, but it should also be applied to mobile apps. Tracking the data generated by users inside an application is key to mobile app developers, app marketers and even app owners. Mobile app analytics can be divided into three major groups: marketing, in-app and app performance analytics. Despite the main objective of marketing is knowing how people reached the application, it’s also a way of increasing ROI and not losing any users.

A guide of Mobile Affiliates networks

Mobile app owners and mobile app developers are seeking out new methods by which they can promote their apps to the largest audiences possible. Although more conventional platforms such as mobile retargeting, pay-per-download schemes and other promotional options have proven their worth repeatedly for a number of app companies around the world, it’s no secret that a ‘human touch’ can sometimes work miracles in ways that advertisements cannot.

The best practices on App Discovery

For many mobile app developers and app owners, the singular act of finishing development on a practice that may have consumed months or years of your life is a triumph indeed. A polished, well crafted app can invoke a sense of pride that will make those long nights and days of work seem definitely worth it. That being said, translating this hard work into a profit can be a bit more daunting, particularly if you don’t have a massive mobile app marketing budget behind you in order to successfully promote…

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