Month: October 2017

Tips to find the right Mobile DSP company

In today’s deeply interconnected web of media buying, online advertising and digital marketing, it can be incredibly difficult for business and app owners to take the first step on the path towards expanding their visibility and footprint on the internet. After all, with a massive array of businesses competing for a limited number of highly visible platforms, it has become necessary not only to find a competitive price for such media placements, but also the right mobile app marketing company who can guarantee that your app ends up where it…

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Marketing events every app marketer should know about

In the world of digital marketing, it is absolutely essential for app marketers to stay on top of the latest trends, tactics and strategies. In an industry that moves at a blinding pace, remaining current as to the latest ‘industry standard’ is almost a full-time job. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conventions, networking gatherings and expos happening around the world where the best and brightest minds in digital and app marketing come together to exchange ideas that will fuel innovation in this industry for years to come.

Mobile retargeting: what you need to know

In today’s overly competitive online marketing arena, it pays huge dividends to find a means by which you can connect with potential customers in an affordable and efficient manner. Although a myriad of services and platforms exist today through which you can splash your ads across generic search engines and heavily trafficked websites, we guarantee that the money you invest in this process will be significantly more than the money that is returned to you by way of successful conversions.